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AMED promotes integrated research and development in the field of medicine, from basic research to clinical trials, establishing, maintaining, and providing funding for an environment for integrated R&D through to practical application.

Grant Programs

Information on projects undertaken by AMED can be found here. Includes project descriptions, information about invitations for research proposals, and explanations of forms.

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News Releases Genome-wide association study identifies 112 loci for body mass index in the Japanese population (in Japanese)
Calls for Proposals FY2018 Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)
News Releases Pathogen lineage-based genome analysis identified a new susceptibility locus to tuberculosis (in Japanese)
News Releases Identification of a synthetic pathway for cellular redox regulators cysteine- and glutathione-persulfide – Expected to the medical applications to neuropsychiatric disorders- (in Japanese)
News Releases "Development of a blood diagnosis method for Alzheimer's disease ─ the world's first development of a novel highly sensitive and accurate quantification method for trace amount of phosphorylated-tau in human plasma" (in Japanese)
News Releases New therapeutic antibody for dog cancers (Hokkaido University Website)
Announcement of the IRDiRC Goals 2017-2027: New rare disease research goals for the next decade (The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium Website)
News Releases Japan-Singapore lead international research in discovering potential targeted treatments for biliary tract cancer (National Cancer Center Website)
AMED had a paper on the Initiative on Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases (IRUD) published in European Journal of Human Genetics
News Releases A novel biomarker for development of a new screening technique for early-stage pancreatic cancer and precancerous conditions associated with risk of pancreatic malignancy - experimental screening in Kagoshima Prefecture (National Cancer Center Website)

Research Integrity

AMED New Brochure 2017-2018 has been uploaded!

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