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Please feel free to ask us questions by phone. Some examples of the kinds of questions we frequently get are shown below.

Information about invitations for research proposals (explanatory meetings and documents regarding invitations for research proposals)

Members of the press

Inquiries about news coverage and the press Department of Planning and Management +81-3-6870-2245

Requests to give talks, write material, reprint material, or receive pamphlets

Requests to give talks Department of Planning and Management +81-3-6870-2245

Inquiries regarding procedures for handling paperwork

(1) Regarding questions / advice on procedures for handling paperwork for grant-in-aid / subsidized projects Department of Research Promotion Please see here for information about invitations for research proposals.
(2) Point of contact for reporting misuse of research funds Department of Research Integrity and Legal Affairs +81-3-6870-2211

Inquiries regarding intellectual property (IP)

(1) Regarding the protection and use of IP in the medical field Department of Intellectual Property (Medical IP Desk) Department of Intellectual Property +81-3-6870-2237
(2) Other inqueiries regarding IP Department of Intellectual Property +81-3-6870-2214

Other inquiries

For other inquiries, or if you are not sure where to direct your inquiry, please contact Division of General Affairs +81-3-6870-2200
Email : jimu-ask"at"
Replace "at" with "@".

Last updated 2016.12.16

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