Division of Emerging Research Advanced Research & Development Programs for Medical Innovation(AMED-CREST)

Promotion and support of this Research and Development (R&D) Area was transferred from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) as of April 1, 2015. The original English texts were based on those provided by the courtesy of JST.

Creation of Basic Medical Technologies to Clarify and Control the Mechanisms Underlying Chronic Inflammation (Completed)

[Research and Development Objective] Creation of basic medical technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, arteriosclerotic diseases, and autoimmune disorders by the elucidation of the mechanisms underlying chronic inflammation

Outline of the Research & Development (R&D) Area

The purpose of this R&D area is to elucidate the mechanisms through which inflammation becomes chronic, and to create basic technologies for the early detection, control, resolution, and reparation of chronic inflammation.

More specifically, this involves research aimed at: (1) identifying factors that induce and maintain the chronicity of inflammation by determining failure mechanisms of inflammation control; (2) clarifying the mechanisms through which specific diseases (including cancer, degenerative neurological disorders, and arteriosclerotic diseases) develop as a result of chronic inflammation, and to create basic technologies to control them; and (3) creating basic technologies that allow for the early detection and quantitative assessment of chronic inflammation. This not only involves established basic and clinical research, but also emphasizes research that sufficiently sublimes evidence-based findings for understanding higher order inflammation control mechanisms, and leads to the development of new preemptive basic medical technologies.

Year the Area adopted


Management and Evaluation Framework

Program Supervisor (PS)

Masayuki Miyasaka
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University; FiDiPro Professor, Academy of Finland

R&D Area Advisors

Nobuya Inagaki
Professor, Kyoto University
Takeshi Imamura
Professor, Ehime University
Satoshi Uematsu
Professor, Chiba University
Yoshiyuki Ohsugi
Chairman&CEO, Ohsugi BioPharma Consulting Co., Ltd.
Shosei Koh
Director, Shironishi Hospital; Professor Emeritus, Shinshu University
Kiyoshi Takatsu
Director, Toyama Prefectural Institute of Pharmaceutical Research
Hiroshi Takayanagi
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Keiko Yamauchi-Takihara
Professor, Osaka University Health Care Center
Masaaki Murakami
Professor, Hokkaido University
Takehiko Yokomizo
Professor, Juntendo University
Akihiko Yoshimura
Professor, Keio University


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