Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation The iD3 Technology Archive


Key Fields Drug Discovery & Development
R&D phase Basic Study,Applied Study,Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study
Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Office of Drug Discovery Support, Department of Innovative Drug Discovery and Development (iD3)
TEL: (East Japan Office) Tel : +81-3-3516-6181
(West Japan Office) Tel : +81-6-6372-1771
E-mail: id3navi”AT”amed.go.jp(※Replace “at” with @.)

This program aims to establish a database through collecting information on various pioneering drug discovery technologies developed by universities, public research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, bio-venture companies, and others. Subjects for registration to the iD3 Navi include technologies concerning new target discovery, HTS* assays, structure optimization, ADME* testing, drug delivery system, and so on. The iD3 utilize the database to take advantage of those highly sophisticated technologies to drive drug discovery and development projects driven by the iD3 Booster program.

High-throughput screening
Absorption, Distribution,Metabolism and Excretion

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