SCARDA:Strategic Center of Biomedical Advanced Vaccine Research and Development for Preparedness and Response Division for Promotion of Vaccine Research and Development


The Division for Promotion of Vaccine Research and Development promotes the two programs, “Program on R&D of New Generation Vaccine including New Modality Application” and “Japan Initiative for World-leading Vaccine Research and Development Centers”, and implements the appropriate management of those projects adopted.
In the former program, we evaluate the feasibility of commercialization and the validity of continued research regarding each adopted project, and with consideration to the degree to which timelines and milestones are met, decide upon whether or not to go ahead with the projects, all the while flexibly making judgments concerning revisions or changes of research directions and setups. In order to link up with the commercialization of research seeds such as vaccine and drug candidates, in the latter program, we secure a seamless cooperative system with academia, industry and clinical institutes aiming to achieve practical results, and facilitate the creation of a research promotion system that foresees swift responses during times of emergency.