Calls for Proposals FY 2016 [ Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS) ] Infectious Diseases Control field

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*Updated Octorber 26, 2015
The application for FY2016 Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS) research proposals in Infectious Disease Control field has been closed.


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Submission Deadline 10/26/15 Mon (Japan Time)
Division of International Collaboration, Department of International Affairs
E-mail: amed-satreps "at", Replace "at" with "@".
Please contact us, preferably by e-mail using the above contact information.

Public offering content

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) in collaboration with Japan International Collaboration Agency (JICA) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for FY 2016 Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS) in Infectious Diseases Control field.

Please note that the following information on applying SATREPS is targeted for researchers who belong to Japanese research institutions/universities in Japan. Researchers in other countries should consult their national government agency responsible for the Official Development Assistance (ODA) technical cooperation, the Embassy of Japan, or JICA offices in their resident countries.

Important Notes

This invitation for research proposals is for proposals that will be implemented under the government`s FY2016 budget, but submitted and selected before the budget is finalized. Moreover, the SATREPS program is linked with ODA program, and requires time for coordination with institutions in the counterpart country. For these reasons, in order to start the research projects as soon as possible, the process needs to start before the budget is approved. In consequence, when the budget is finally approved, details and amounts may change, which could potentially affect the fields of research, contract research expenses, and number of projects selected. Additional documentation may also be requested following budget approval.

(1) Research Area

Research on measures to address infectious diseases control attuned to the needs of developing countries

*From FY2016, projects in this field are handled by AMED.
*As for the application for the other fields, please refer to the following SATREPS page of Japan Science and technology Agency (JST).

(2) Research Period

3 to 5 years (after provisional period*)
* The provisional period is the research preparation period before the international collaboration research starts officially with R/D and MOU.

(3) Project size

Approx. 100 million yen per project per year

Funding split:
AMED: Approx. 36 million yen per year (including indirect expenses)
JICA: Approx. 60 million yen per year

(4) Requirement for Application

The SATREPS program is linked with ODA projects. In addition to submitting a research and development proposal to AMED, it is necessary to liaise sufficiently with the researchers in the other country on the details of the joint research, and is also necessary that the counterpart research institute submits an official request for ODA technical cooperation to Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) via the ministry or agency in the recipient country responsible for ODA and the local Japanese embassy.

Program summary

Based on the needs of developing countries, AMED and JICA cooperate to promote international joint research targeting global issues*1 with an objective of future utilization of research outcomes*2. Implemented through collaboration with ODA, the aim of the program is to acquire new knowledge and technology that lead to the resolution of global issues and the advance of science and technology, and through this process, to create innovations. International joint research under this program also aims to enhance the research and development capabilities of developing countries, and helps create sustainable research systems able to address and resolve issues.

*1 Global issues:
Issues that are difficult to resolve by a single country or region acting on its own and that need to be handled by the international community as a whole.
*2 Utilization of research outcomes:
The research projects should lead to future social and economic benefits, achieved by using newly obtained technology and knowledge to enhance government services or to develop products that can be deployed in the market.

Solicitation Period

09/09/15 Wed - 10/26/15 Mon (Japan Time)

*The deadline for submitting the official request for ODA technical cooperation is also 12:00 noon (Japan time) on Monday October 26, 2015.


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