TOP Intellectual Property

Protection and exploitation of intellectual property

In order to advance medical R&D, which comes with high risks and costs, it is essential to accurately grasp the latest research and development trends, set topics, and provide proper protection and exploitation of intellectual property that is the fruit of R&D. In order to draw out the maximum potential from the industrialization of research outcomes, AMED promotes the appropriate protection of promising research outcomes through intellectual property rights, making use of information on patents and research papers from Japan and abroad.
Under such recognition, AMED IP Department has launched IP support activities, including research and dissemination of the latest information on R&D / IP worldwide and IP consultation of "Medical IP Desk", which provides advice by consultants specializing in IP in order to respond to questions from universities, research institutes, and corporations. As the occasion demands, AMED also holds seminars and other events with the aim of spreading knowledge about intellectual property in the field of medicine.