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Toward realization of personalized medicine, this project promotes the development and utilization of genome data infrastructures and supports R & D that contributes to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases based on the relationship between genetic mutations and polymorphism and the development of diseases, from a life-stage perspective.

List of our Programs

Programs Overview
Biobank-Construction and Utilization biobank for genomic medicine Realization (Platform Program for Promotion of Genome Medicine)

This program of four sub-programs aims to rearrange the domestic biobanks so that the biobank infrastructures play a central role in promoting cutting-edge research and realizing genomic medicine.

  • Advanced Genome Research and Bioinformatics Study to Facilitate Medical Innovation (GRIFIN)
  • Genomic Medicine R&D Platform Utilization System
  • Infrastructure development for large-scale analysis utilizing Genome, and Health and Clinical Data
  • Promotion for Social Co-Creation
Biobank-Construction and Utilization biobank for genomic medicine Realization(Genome Research Biobank) This program aims to contribute to the achievement of genomic medicine by promoting the effective utilization of samples, clinical information and genome data acquired over years by BioBank Japan (BBJ), one of the largest disease biobanks in the world.
Biobank-Construction and Utilization biobank for genomic medicine Realization(Genome/Omics Data Production for Next Generation Medical Infrastructure) This program aims to promote the analysis ("informatization") of biospecimens held by domestic biobanks and other institutions, and to develop efficient and effective basic data for the realization of genome medicine.
Biobank-Construction and Utilization biobank for genomic medicine Realization(Tohoku Medical Megabank Project) This project contributes to the reconstruction of regional healthcare by carrying out a long-term health survey focused on areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and provides the research infrastructure for the development of personalized genomic medicine.
Program for Promoting Platform of Genomics based Drug Discovery This project promotes basic research with a view to the practical implementation of genomic medicine
Research Program on Hepatitis This program aims to significantly improve the treatment of hepatitis by comprehensively promoting basic and clinical research on hepatitis in partnership with national and local government.
Project for Advancement of Infrastructure for Utilization of Medical, Nursing, and Health Data (Promotion of research on AI and IoT systems for dementia) This project establishes a data platform which enables AI to analyze various data including output from IoT, and promotes R&D that predicts the BPSD before its onset and accordingly notifies caregivers. In addition, it aims to accelerate development of AI, introduction of the AI into clinical practice and home nursing, and R&D for dementia care, thereby contributing to improving the QOL of patients with dementia and reducing the burden on their caregivers.
Project for Advancement of Infrastructure for Utilization of Medical, Nursing, and Health Data (Development project of PHR data distribution infrastructure for advancement of medical care) This project promotes research and development to establish a data distribution infrastructure in which physicians can obtain PHR (Personal Health Record) data based on the consent of individual patients from various PHR services. The project aims to promote utilization of daily PHR data for medical treatment and advance medical consultations/cares.
Practical Research for Innovative Cancer Control This research program promotes development of technologies for the prevention and early detection of cancer.
Practical Research Project for Rare / Intractable Diseases  The goal of this project is to promote the elucidation of the causes of intractable diseases.
Research and Development Grants for Dementia This program promotes intensive research focusing on the five aspects of dementia: “clarification of actual condition," “prevention," “diagnosis," “treatment" and “care."
Practical Research Project for Life-Style related Diseases including Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Mellitus This program promotes the entire process of R&D toward prevention of the onset and aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases from basic research to the practical application of research findings in collaboration with other programs.
Practical Research Project for Allergic Diseases and Immunology This project supports researchers and scientists of the research and development (R&D) for allergic and/or immunological diseases.
Research and Development Grants for Comprehensive Research for Persons with Disabilities In the fields of a) physical and intellectual disabilities, b) disabilities of the sensory organs, c) mental disorders, and d) neuromuscular diseases, this program aims to promote research and development in order to provide appropriate support.
Project for Whole Implementation to Support and Ensure the Female Life―Wise This program promotes comprehensive implementation to support and ensure the female life by basic, clinical, and translational research.
Project for Baby and Infant in Research of healTH and Development to Adolescent and Young adult - BIRTHDAY The objective of this program is to ensure child health and development and to strengthen the sustainable infrastructure surrounding the child development.
Practical Research Project for Allergic Diseases and Immunology (Research on Technology of Medical Transplantation) This program aims at ensuring the government and those concerned steadily promote the initiatives specified in the relevant laws, including effective and safe organ transplantation that respects the donors' intentions as much as possible and dissemination of research findings regarding state-supported research on hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
Research Project for Improving Quality in Healthcare and Collecting Scientific Evidence on Integrative Medicine This program is conducted to collect scientific evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of integrative medicine.
Research project for medical-engineering collaboration and implementation of artificial intelligence This project aims to promote the creation of evidence on early diagnosis of psychiatric disorders and neuromuscular diseases, and will support the research and development of medical device AI programs for early diagnosis.

List of Terminated Program

Programs Overview
Platform Program for Promotion of Genome Medicine This program aims to achieve realization of genome medicine and reconstruction of existing BioBanks and other infrastructures as a research hub for collaboration, and to promote the target-setting-type advanced R&D by utilizing these research infrastructures together.
BioBank Japan Project for Genomic and Clinical Research This project inherits the Tailor-Made Medical Treatment project, and promotes the utilization of medical biological samples and those information possessed by BioBank Japan (BBJ), one of the major three biobanks in Japan.
National BioResource Project (NBRP) The National BioResource Project is developing a framework for the systematic collection, preservation, and provision of bioresources.
Program for an Integrated Database of Clinical and Genomic Information The objective of this program is to improve the infrastructure for sharing clinical and genomic information in order to accelerate R&D, and to promote genomic medicine in a clinical setting.
ICT infrastructure establishment and implementation of artificial intelligence for clinical and medical research. This program promotes the development of the ICT infrastructure of clinical research, primarily by institutions with advanced ICT-related technology to provide the evidence necessary to improve the quality of medical care in Japan.

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