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  • Promoting the development of innovative drugs and strengthening support functions for novel discovery.

  • Developing novel medical devices driven by clinical needs and supporting platforms for developers to contribute to the promotion of Japan’s medical device industry.

  • Strengthening core center functions to achieve seamless implementation from basic research to clinical application and promoting use of innovative technology.

  • Promoting the development of regenerative medicine from basic research to clinical studies and creation of evaluation standards.

  • Promoting research to realize genomicm edicine and create next-generation precision medicine.

  • Promoting various activities from basic research to clinical studies aimed at accelerated practical application for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Promoting research and development for dementia and other psychiatric disorders.

  • Promoting research on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases for effective control measures.

  • Promoting research and development to improve the treatment of rare and intractable diseases.

  • Supporting the research, development and promotion of health and medical strategies beyond the nine key fields.


    Promoting the establishment of infrastructure to respond to medical needs, the creation of an environment for open innovation and venture development based on industry-academiagovernment collaboration.