Programs Project for Basic Medical Research


This project supports basic R&D to better understand various functional aspects of life phenomena such as brain functionality, immunity, and aging, as well as to elucidate disease mechanisms in various diseases. Results will be linked with clinical R&D and other integrated projects, while R&D that incorporates clinical issues will be supported.

List of our Programs

Programs Overview
Practical Research for Innovative Cancer Control This research program promotes development of technologies for the prevention and early detection of cancer.
Practical Research Project for Rare / Intractable Diseases The goal of this project is to promote the elucidation of the causes of intractable diseases.
Practical Research Project for Life-Style related Diseases including Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Mellitus This program promotes the entire process of R&D toward prevention of the onset and aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases from basic research to the practical application of research findings in collaboration with other programs.
Practical Research Project for Renal Diseases The purpose of this program is to improve the measures to control chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Japan.
Practical Research Project for Allergic Diseases and Immunology This project supports researchers and scientists of the research and development (R&D) for allergic and/or immunological diseases.
Project for Whole Implementation to Support and Ensure the Female Life―Wise This program promotes comprehensive implementation to support and ensure the female life by basic, clinical, and translational research.
Strategic Research Program for Brain Sciences (SRPBS) / Brain Mapping by Integrated Neurotechnologies for Disease Studies (Brain/MINDS) Research on brain sciences will be promoted strategically to establish “social contribution through brain sciences, and In this manner, we will establish a basis to enable the conquering of neuropsychiatric diseases and sophistication of the information processing theory ahead of the rest of the world.
Project for Elucidating and Controlling Mechanisms of Aging and Longevity  This project promotes the comprehensive R&D that will lead toward retarding human aging through studies on clarifying and controlling the aging mechanism, by regarding aging itself as the basic cause of various related diseases. The goal of this project is to build a research center dedicated to aging in Japan, by establishing a network of leading researchers in the aging field.
Research and Development Grants for Dementia  This program promote intensive research focusing on the five aspects of dementia: “clarification of actual condition," “prevention," “diagnosis," “treatment" and “care."
Research and Development Grants for Longevity Science  This program focuses on conditions and diseases that are peculiar to older adults and aims to develop comprehensive treatment approaches. It promotes research and development on methods to prevent onset of conditions requiring long-term care, methods to prevent worsening of health problems, and approaches to support everyday lives of older adults.
Research Project on Elucidation of Chronic Pain  Objectives are to provide appropriate pain control for patients, to promote understanding of appropriate pain control, and to reduce pain for improvement of  Q0L of patients.
Japan Program for Infectious Diseases Research and Infrastructure This program strengthens the infrastructure for infectious disease research in Japan and overseas by supporting research at research bases in infectious disease endemic areas. In addition, this program promotes basic research that contributes to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases by promoting research that uses samples, clinical information and data collected at overseas research centers and research that involves collaboration among various fields.
Research Program on Hepatitis This program aims to significantly improve the treatment of hepatitis by comprehensively promoting basic and clinical research on hepatitis in partnership with national and local government.
Research Program on HIV/AIDS  This program aims to employ the following strategies: Development of new vaccines and antiretrovirals (ARVs) for HIV infection, Elucidating the infection mechanisms of HIV resulting in new treatment strategies, Elucidating HIV-associated pathogenesis and development of treatments for the conditions.

Last updated 03/25/21