Promoting research to realize genomicm edicine and create next-generation precision medicine.

List of our Programs

Programs Overview
Tohoku Medical Megabank Project This project contributes to the reconstruction of regional healthcare by carrying out a long-term health survey focused on areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and provides the research infrastructure for the development of personalized genomic medicine
Platform Program for Promotion of Genome Medicine This program aims to achieve realization of genome medicine and reconstruction of existing BioBanks and other infrastructures as a research hub for collaboration, and to promote the target-setting-type advanced R&D by utilizing these research infrastructures together
Program for an Integrated Database of Clinical and Genomic Information The objective of this program is to improve the infrastructure for sharing clinical and genomic information in order to accelerate R&D, and to promote genomic medicine in a clinical setting
Program for Promoting Platform of Genomics based Drug Discovery This project promotes basic research with a view to the practical implementation of genomic medicine

Finished business list

Dmain name Overview
Tailor-Made Medical Treatment with the BioBank Japan Project (BBJ) The objective of the Tailor-made Medical Treatment Program is to develop new medications and treatments through elucidating the specific causes of diseases and to realize personalized medicine where selections of drugs and treatments can be appropriate and optimized

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