About AMED Message from the President

We are committed to the rapid practical application of research outcomes for the benefit of patients and their families


Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) was established in 2015 as a funding agency tasked with promoting medical research and development and improving the environment for research in Japan under the government’s Healthcare Policy. Since its establishment, AMED has worked to build and further upgrade its management functions in order to maximize the impact of its initiatives.

Under our second medium- to long-term plan (FY2020–FY2024), AMED is currently aiming to ensure rapid practical application of research outcomes so that they become available to patients and their families as soon as possible. We promote seamless research and development, from basic research to practical application, application, through integrated projects focused on six modalities (technologies/methods), and we are working to expand new medical technologies for use against a wide range of diseases.

International collaboration is of the utmost importance to research and development in the fields of health and medicine. We aim to improve Japan’s research and development capabilities and to contribute internationally by promoting international joint research projects, participating in international frameworks, and working on research and development that will lead to social implementation of new medical advances in developing countries.

In March 2022, the Strategic Center of Biomedical Advanced Vaccine Research and Development for Preparedness and Response (SCARDA) was established within AMED for rapid promotion of vaccine research as a national policy to deal with infectious disease emergencies, under the government’s "Strategy for Strengthening the Vaccine Development and Production System". Comprehensive systems were put in place to enable management and overall coordination both before and after an infectious disease emergency occurs. Starting from before any outbreak emerges, SCARDA provides long-term, stable, and strategic support for research and development carried out through collaboration between industry and academia, by collecting and analyzing extensive information for strategic decision-making and effective funding. In the event of an infectious disease emergency, SCARDA will make use of the latest expertise, technology, and evidence that it has accumulated to provide timely, functional funding leading to rapid vaccine creation, thus meeting the expectations of the Japanese people.

We will continue to work hard to be able to further contribute to the provision of medical services using world-class technology while taking into account the needs of patients, the medical community, researchers, and industry.

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development
MISHIMA Yoshinao, PhD

Last updated 12/14/22