Programs Project for Advanced Drug Discovery and Development


This project conducts pharmaceutical R&D taking into account the characteristics and properties of modalities in areas ranging from target identification to clinical research in order to promote the practical application of drugs to address high medical needs. For example, essential R&D such as the development of new modalities, each modality’s design, compound optimization, activity assessment, evaluation methods of efficacy/safety, and manufacturing technology is covered by this project. In addition, it aims to realize innovative drugs by utilizing technologies and knowledge about various modalities for diseases from a cross-sectional perspective. It also focuses on establishing the infrastructure to support drug discovery, including technologies for drug design, compound libraries, and sharing of analytical tools.

List of our Programs

Programs Overview
Science and Technology Platform Program for Advanced Biological Medicine The goal of our program is to develop innovative technologies which contribute to create advanced biological medicines.
Research on Development of New Drugs This project promotes platform technology for drug discovery and development, with the goal of creating innovative drugs.
Project Focused on Developing Key Technology for Discovering and Manufacturing Drugs for Next-Generation Treatment and Diagnosis This program aims to improve the quality of life of patients, and suppresses medical expense increases by solving the issues of next-generation treatment and diagnosis.
Practical Research for Innovative Cancer Control  This research program promotes development of technologies for the prevention and early detection of cancer.
Practical Research Project for Renal Diseases The purpose of this program is to improve the measures to control chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Japan.
Practical Research Project for Allergic Diseases and Immunology This project supports researchers and scientists of the research and development (R&D) for allergic and/or immunological diseases.
Project for Baby and Infant in Research of healTH and Development to Adolescent and Young adult - BIRTHDAY The objective of this program is to ensure child health and development and to strengthen the sustainable infrastructure surrounding the child development.
Project Promoting Support for Drug Discovery This project provides various support necessary for the practical application of pharmaceuticals, including support for drug discovery seeds that have high potential for practical applications originating in academia.
Practical Research Project for Rare / Intractable Diseases The goal of this project is to promote the elucidation of the causes of intractable diseases.
Research Program on Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases This program promotes R&D to fight domestic and global infectious diseases ranging from basic research and manufacturing technologies to research for practical applications including the development of diagnostics, treatments, and preventions that contribute to control infectious diseases.
Research Program on Hepatitis This program aims to significantly improve the treatment of hepatitis by comprehensively promoting basic and clinical research on hepatitis in partnership with national and local government.
Research on Regulatory Science of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices This program publically recruits research projects focusing on regulatory science research.
Project Promoting Clinical Trials for Development of New Drugs This program aims to develop fundamental research in Japan and transform it into pharmaceutical approvals and create innovative drugs.
Acceleration Transformative Research for Medical Innovation This program promotes R&D to fight domestic anThis program supports industry-academia collaborative R&D to facilitate the smooth and effective transformation (to the practical use) of academia-based seeds of technological development to the industry (businesses). The scope of this industry-academia joint R&D program ranges from post-basic research to preclinical studies (e.g., Phase 1 studies).
Medical Research and Development Programs Focused on Technology Transfer: Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-Driven Research and Development (AMED・A-STEP) This program was transferred from JST to AMED in April 2015, and after that AMED has not received any applications to this program. This program has evolved and is integrated into the ACT-M scheme.

List of Terminated Program

Programs Overview
Platform Project for Supporting Drug Discovery and Life Science Research The objective of this program is to establish an innovative process for steady and immediate linkage of early-stage drug discovery and medical technologies to therapeutic applications by providing and sharing technological infrastructure.
Project for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Evolution (P-CREATE) In order to create next-generation cancer therapies, this research program promotes research aimed at elucidating the biological properties of cancer, research based on patients' clinical data, and research combining both aspects.

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