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This website is operated by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (hereinafter "AMED "). Please read and consent to the following terms of use before using the website.

Please note that this Site Policy is subject to change without notice in advance.


Although AMED makes the utmost efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information appearing on this website, AMED does not guarantee the accuracy thereof and assumes no responsibility for any actions that users conduct using the information on the website.

Please note that AMED may change or delete the contents and URL of this website without notice in advance.


The copyrights to all documents, images, etc. on this website, except where otherwise stated, belong to AMED.

The content of this website may be quoted, reprinted, and/or reproduced in whole or in part as long as such actions are permitted under the Copyright Act for private use, quotation, or other use, with a clear indication of the source in an appropriate manner. However, please use any content with an indication of a source other than AMED in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by the copyright holder thereof.

Reference: Citing sources

  1. Please cite the proper source when using content from this website. The method for source citation is as follows.
    (Examples of source citations)
    Source: The official website of AMED (insert page URL here)
    Source: “Insert name of study here” (AMED) (insert page URL here) (insert date of access here), etc.
  2. If you have edited or modified, etc. content for use, please include a statement indicating that you have edited or modified, etc. the content in addition to the above source citation. Please note that you must not publish or use information that you have edited or modified in a way in which the information is misconstrued as having been created by AMED.
    (Example of source citations when using content that you have edited or modified, etc.)
    Created by modifying “Insert name of study here” (AMED) (insert page URL here)
    Created by Insert company name here based on “Insert name of study here” (AMED) (insert page URL here)
  3. If you intend to use content from this website for commercial purposes, please contact AMED in advance.

Using the AMED logo

If you would like to use the Agency logo, please refer to the Guidelines for Using the AMED Logo (linked below).


In general, you may link to this website as long as you expressly present the links as links. (There is no need to contact AMED or ask for permission). However, please refrain from posting links on websites that fall under or may possibly fall under any of the following descriptions.

  • Websites that include contents intended to slander, injure, or discredit any party
  • Websites that infringe upon or may possibly infringe upon intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademark rights, or assets, privacy, right of portrait, or any other rights
  • Websites that make it unclear that the information is AMED’s information or may possibly misrepresent said information to a third party through methods such as displaying this website within a frame
  • Websites that otherwise engage in conduct that violates laws and ordinances, including acts, regulations, or rules, conduct that goes against generally accepted rules of morality, or conduct that interferes with the operations of this website

Please note that AMED may change the URL of this website without notice and assumes no responsibility for any compensation, complaints, etc. relating to links.

Operating environments

Operating environments

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Responsive design

This website implements “responsive design,” which optimizes the layout of content based on screen size.
Responsive design uses CSS3 to determine the screen size of the accessing device and automatically switch to the smartphone screen layout.

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