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The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (hereinafter referred to as “AMED”) manages and operates the AMED website ( (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”). This privacy policy explains the handling of personal information on the Website.

AMED will acquire personal information by lawful* and fair means and will not wrongfully acquire it. Furthermore, in acquiring personal information, AMED will notify or publicly disclose in advance the purpose of use thereof.

*Related laws and regulations of Japan as well as related laws and regulations of countries and regions applicable to the relevant personal information

Scope of information to be acquired

AMED will acquire personal information which was received in relation to inquiries, consultations, opinions or the like on the Website.
Besides that, the Website utilizes a function provided by a third party that automatically acquires such information as Internet domain name, IP address and browsing of the Website, etc. Cookies (information transmitted from a server to a user’s browser and accumulated on a user’s computer so as to identify the user on the side of server) are used in this function, but no information which can identify an individual (including information that can easily be compared with other information and thereby enable the identification of a specific individual) is being acquired.
For clarity, the user can set whether to permit the use of cookies or not. The user may refuse to receive cookies by using the Web browser setting. In such a case, the user can use the Website; however, part of the service may become unavailable.

Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to assess site usage. Google Analytics collects information about users by means of cookies. For the Google Analytics terms of service and privacy policy, see the Google Analytics website. AMED bears no responsibility for any damage resulting from use of the Google Analytics service.

Purposes of handling personal information

Personal information, etc. acquired through the Website shall be used for the following purposes:

  1. When answering or sending a reply to an inquiry or consultation to AMED;
  2. When seeking the provision of opinions and impressions about AMED;
  3. When answering or communicating, etc. in relation to a question concerning calls for proposals and procurement, etc. by AMED;
  4. When announcing an exhibition and a seminar AMED is to participate in;
  5. When warning or cautioning the user who committed an act that goes or may go against each rule, etc. on the Website;
  6. When requested based on laws and regulations, etc.; and
  7. Otherwise, when a separate purpose of use is clearly specified, such purpose of use shall take a priority.

For the handling of personal information, etc. which AMED has acquired other than via the Website, please see “Regarding the Handling of Personal Information at AMED”, which is separately provided to data subjects.

Regarding management of personal information, etc.

For the standard of personal information protection work at AMED, please see the “Personal Information Protection Rules”.
For the standard of work in managing corporate documents in which personal information is included, please see the “Provisions for Management of Corporate Documents”.
For requests to disclose, requests to correct or requests to discontinue the use, etc. of personal information, please see the “Personal Information Protection” page for details, as requests will be carried out based on prescribed procedures.

AMED will undertake no responsibility with respect to privacy protection in any external link destination on the Website. Visits, etc. to external link destinations shall be conducted on the user’s own responsibility.

Changes in Handling

Changes in Handling shall become effective at the time when they are posted on the Website.

Inquiry contact

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Division of General Affairs, Department of General Affairs, Contact for Personal Information Protection
E-mail: jimu-ask"at"

※Replace”at”with @.

First published: August 29, 2019

Last updated 06/03/24