Programs Department of Medical Device and Healthcare


The Department of Medical Device and Healthcare conducts R&D and environmental improvement on medical device/systems for the advancement of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, medical device in high demand at medical sites, and medical device/health care contributing to elderly QOL improvement.

Division of Medical Device

The Division of Medical Device conducts R&D of medical device/systems which integrated AI/IoT technologies, measurement technologies, robotics technologies etc. in, aiming improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, and the improved QOL of the elderly. The division also works on providing necessary support so that R&D involving researchers and industries outside the medical field can be conducted properly.

Division of Healthcare

The Division of Healthcare conducts introduction of new technologies, such as Information and Communications Technology (ICT), AI, and robots to medical and nursing care sites and their implementation into healthcare services based on local needs. Through the development of evidence-based healthcare related medicines and industries, we will promote not only maintenance and promotion of health but also prevention of diseases, acceptance and coexistence of disorders, supplementation and coexistence.

Last updated 10/28/20