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Salisbury House, where the London Office is located

AMED opened its London Office on 1st February 2017 in London's financial district where many Japanese corporations also maintain offices. The office is approximately two kilometres, or a 20-minute subway ride, from the Medical Research Council (MRC), with which AMED signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on the same day as the establishment of the London Office.

The expected roles of the office include investigation of medical research trends, facilitation of networking, cooperation with funding agencies and institutions in medical research and development fields, and dissemination and sharing knowledge of the outcomes of Japan's research and development across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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AMED London Office

Division Name London Office, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development
Address Salisbury House, London Wall, London EC2M 5QQ, UK
Tel +44 (0) 20-7065-6300
E-Mail contact“at”
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