Topics The AMED London Office held a symposium on the topic of healthy ageing to promote research on local interventions



The AMED London Office held a symposium on healthy and active ageing at the Royal College of Physicians in London on the 12th April 2017, focusing on various programmes and research ongoing related to the topic of ageing, which is recognised in both Japan and the UK as an important societal challenge. The symposium was attended by researchers and representatives from local government, health insurance associations, private enterprises and research support organisations from both Japan and the UK.

The symposium began with five presentations from the Japanese side and five from the UK side introducing ongoing programmes and research for improved care and prevention of the health concerns associated with ageing. Participants shared their experiences of local intervention programmes, preventative measures implemented by local governments in cooperation with various health and non-health sectors, and evidence-based efforts of Japanese health insurance associations.The importance of multi-sector collaboration was highlighted, and there were very active discussions, encompassing various points-of-view, regarding the future of long-term care and disease prevention as well as the way forward for research in those fields.

Having representatives from different industries at the symposium provided a very meaningful opportunity for cross-sector interaction, and there was a clear desire for this kind of activity to continue in the future.

With the aim that research outcomes should directly benefit society, the AMED London Office will continue to promote this kind of activity, engaging in discussions not only with researchers but across sectors, and sharing information internationally about the kinds of programmes and research that are ongoing and those that are yet necessary to address the needs of our ageing society.



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