Division of Health and Clinical Data National BioResource Project (NBRP)


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Division of Biobank, Department of Research Infrastructure
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The National BioResource Project is developing a framework for the systematic collection, preservation, and provision of bioresources such as experimental animals, plants, micro-organisms, cells and genetic materials that are important for the nation to organize strategically.

The NBRP consists of the following four programs:

1. Core facility upgrading program:
The core facilities will be established to carry out collection, preservation, and provision of bioresources. The bioresources selected for the NBRP are of fundamental importance in life sciences research and must be excellent and originally produced in Japan.
2. Genome Information Upgrading Program
The aim of this program is to improve quality and increase the value of bioresources, as well as to reinforce the uniqueness and leading position of Japanese bioresources by enriching and expanding strain and characteristics information, genetic information, such as genome sequences of cDNA, and genome resources, including genome libraries of bioresources that are collected, preserved, and provided by the NBRP.
3. Fundamental Technologies Upgrading Program
Development of technologies relating to collection, proliferation, quality management, preservation and provision of bioresources that are the subjects of the core facilities promotion program is conducted.
4. Information Center Upgrading Program
Construction of databases of whereabouts information, genetic information, and biological characteristics of bioresourcesthat are gathered at the core facilities, and public relations of the NBRP through its home page is upgraded.

Management and Evaluation Framework

Project Impelementation System

Program Supervisor

Dr. KOHARA Yuji (Project Professor, National Institute of Genetics/Director, Database Center for Life Science,
Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research, Research Organization of Information and System)

Program Officer

Dr. OBATA Yuichi (Special Supervisor, RIKEN BioResource Center)
Dr. TABATA Satoshi (Director, Kazusa DNA Research Institute)
Dr. HAYASHI Tetsuya (Professor, Kyusyu University, Graduate School of Medical Science)


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