Division of Health and Clinical Data Project for Advancement of Infrastructure for Utilization of Medical, Nursing, and Health Data (Development project of PHR data distribution infrastructure for advancement of medical care)


Key Fields Health and Clinical Data Project
program year 04/01/23-
R&D phase None
Division of Genomic Medicine, Department of Health and Clinical Data
E-mail: phr-kiban“AT”amed.go.jp (Please change “AT” to @)

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This project  promotes  research and development to establish a data distribution infrastructure in which physicians can obtain  PHR (Personal Health Record)  data based on the consent of individual patients from various PHR services. The project aims to promote utilization of daily PHR data for medical treatment and advance medical consultations/cares.

Management and Evaluation Framework

PS(Program Supervisor)
  • YAMAMOTO Ryuichi, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Director Medical Information System Development Center
PO(Program Officer)
  • OKADA Mihoko, Ph.D., President, Institute of Health Data Infrastructure for All

Last updated 09/04/23