Intellectual Property Medical IP Desk

While keeping the focus on development and application of research outcomes, medical IP consultants provide advice on specific solutions for protection and exploitation of intellectual property in the field of medicine. To begin the consultation process, please make a reservation by email.
* For general queries / consultation regarding intellectual property, please use this information together with that provided by other organizations, such as the Japan Patent Office, the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training, your local Chizai Sogo Shien Madoguchi (General Support Desk for IP), and the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

Flow of consultation

1. Making reservations for a consultation by phone or using the contact form

The consultation is free. IP consultant will answer your queries by replying to your email. Please fill out items including the topic and the points for consultation.

2. Face-to-face consultation at AMED, if necessary

If further consultation is necessary, you can ask for face-to-face consultation. Please bring documents that make clear what it is you want to consult with us about. You may be asked to accompany an interpreter.

Points to keep in mind

Please note that the Medical IP Desk shall not bear any legal responsibility for solutions it proposes.


Tel +81-3-6870-2237
E-Mail medicalip"at"
10:00 AM to 12:00 noon / 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (excluding holidays and year-end / New Year's holidays)
Replace "at" with "@".

Format for queries by email (*: required items) (only Japanese or English)

Subject: Consultation about intellectual property

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AMED contract / grant-in-aid organization* Yes / No
If "Yes", provide contract number:
Name of topic

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Desired date for face-to-face consultation, if necessary

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