Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Policy


AMED has formulated the AMED Intellectual Property Policy in the interest of pursuing medical research and development (R&D) and facilitating efforts to put R&D outcomes to practical use. Under this Intellectual Property Policy, AMED will establish a regime enabling personnel at AMED and research institutions to manage intellectual property in the most suitable manner at every stage from planning to concluding R&D projects, and will undertake to promote the practical application of R&D outcomes.

AMED Intellectual Property Policy

The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) has formulated the following policy for handling intellectual property (IP) in the interest of pursuing medical research and development (R&D) and facilitating efforts to put R&D outcomes to practical use.

  1. Utilizing IP to strategically plan/pursue R&D
    • When planning/pursuing projects, information on previous R&D efforts and IP will be collected/analyzed in order to plan and implement strategic and effective R&D efforts.
    • The respective outcomes of project management sections/departments will be consolidated to achieve synergistic development and portfolio of IP, thereby maximizing the value of research outcomes.
  2. Managing the IP of R&D projects and optimizing IP management system
    • Guidelines on handling IP for the sake of commercializing R&D outcomes (guidelines covering IP creation, maintenance, utilization, etc.) will be stipulated on a project-specific basis, and support for managing IP and optimizing IP management systems will be provided from the initial stages.
    • To invigorate R&D activities and efficiently utilize/promote their outcomes, the so-called Japanese Bayh-Dole Act will as a general rule be applied to contracted R&D projects (AMED will not accept transfer of IP rights from contractors), and flexible approaches will be adopted to ensure that that maximum use can be made of the outcomes.
    • The utilization of IP rights from each project will be examined/reviewed to actively assess the IP approaches taken at adoption and conclusion.
  3. Formulating/supporting global IP strategies for maximizing R&D outcomes
    • Efforts will be made to formulate global strategies for appropriately protecting, procuring (acquiring from outside parties) and utilizing IP to advance effective R&D strategies, and the necessary support will be provided.
    • An effective IP network envisioning both public disclosure and secrecy as well as the exercise of rights will be developed, mindful of the laws of all countries involved, and the necessary support will be provided.
  4. Expanding/improving IP awareness among affiliated personnel
    • In recognition of the importance of IP in medical R&D, efforts will be made to expand and improve IP awareness among all persons involved in R&D.
    • A variety of information will be provided, training sessions and seminars held, educational materials developed, and other support provided to expand and improve IP awareness.

* “Intellectual property” for the purposes of this Policy refers to all intellectual property, inclusive of not only inventions and concepts but also designs, trademarks, copyrights, and know-how.

Last updated 05/21/18