News Releases & Research Results Commencement of clinical research on regenerative medicine to implant 3D-printed blood vessels made from stem cells

News Releases & Research Results


Results of collaborative R&D led by Professor Koichi Nakayama of the Center for Regenerative Medicine Research, Graduate School of Medical Science, Saga University, Assistant Professor Manabu Itoh of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Graduate School of Medical Science, Saga University, and Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.

The key results of the R&D are as follows

  • Using a laminating technology for cell mass with bio-3D printer, artificial small-diameter blood vessels composed entirely of cells (scaffold-free blood vessels made from stem cells) were developed. In order to begin the clinical research, on November 7, a plan to provide regenerative medicine using these blood vessels was submitted to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • Artificial blood vessels made from stem cells will be implanted on patients with end-stage renal failure requiring maintenance dialysis in Saga University Hospital.
  • These newly developed artificial blood vessels derived from cells are expected to more effectively prevent infection and blood clots than conventional blood vessels created using artificial ingredients because they are made entirely from the patient's own cells without artificial ingredients. They are also expected to reduce the patient's pain due to improvement of patency of vascular access.

This R&D project was initiated with the support of Research Project for Practical Applications of Regenerative Medicine by AMED.


Last updated 11/13/19