News Releases & Research Results Development of a supramolecular biosensor for rapid quantitation of a vitamin metabolite

News Releases & Research Results


The results of research and development conducted by Specially Appointed Professor/Professor Tomoki Ogoshi of the Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University/Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University and Assistant Professor Masaya Ueno and Professor Atsushi Hirao of the Cancer Research Institute/Nano Life Science Institute, Kanazawa University.

The key results of R&D are as follows:

  • A supramolecular biosensor was developed for rapid quantitation of a vitamin metabolite in biological samples.
  • The results of this research and development should facilitate the development of nanoprobes that allow direct observation of the surface layers and internal metabolites of cancer cells and novel biosensors that can be utilized for cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as large-scale screening of NNMT inhibitors and rapid diagnosis of metabolic syndrome and cancer.

This project was conducted with the support of the Project for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Evolution (P-CREATE) by AMED.

The results were published online in the British scientific journal Communications Chemistry on December 7.



Last updated 12/07/20