Division of Infectious Disease Research List of Projects -Japanese Initiative for Progress of Research on Infectious Disease for global Epidemic (J-PRIDE)

Core Research Program

Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Shigeru Kohno Nagasaki University President Establishment of the research base for BSL-4 facility and capacity building of researchers on 'category I' (highly pathogenic) pathogen

Open Research program

1.Research on viral infectious diseases that are extremely lethal to humans

1-(1) Research on viruses belonging to the Arenaviridae, Filoviridae and Bunyaviridae families, etc.
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Manabu Igarashi Hokkaido University Associate Professor Structural bioinformatics to investigate protein functions of highly pathogenic viruses
Tadaki Suzuki National Institute of Infectious Diseases Chief Investigation of pathogenesis of SFTS using comprehensive immunoglobulin gene repertoire analysis
Takeshi Noda Kyoto University Professor Molecular mechanisms of Lassa virus replication

2. Research on infection control mechanism and interactions between pathogens and host factors

2-(1) Exploratory research to establish new treatment concepts based on understanding of infectious diseases
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Hisashi Arase Osaka University Professor Regulation of infectious diseases targeting for paired receptors
Hiroshi Katoh National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Researcher Omics analysis of host-virus interactions in the paramyxovirus infection
Kei Sato The University of Tokyo Associate Professor Next-generation investigation leading to HIV/AIDS cure through systems virology approach
Tomoko Sumitomo Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry Associate Professor Exploration of host and bacterial factors contributing to exacerbation of bacterial pneumonia following influenza infection for development of preventive and therapeutic measures against superinfection
Noriyuki Nishida Nagasaki University Professor Establishment of method for prediction of emergence drug resistant RNA viruses and rapid in silico drug design
Takasuke Fukuhara Osaka University Associate Professor Identification of novel RNA viruses involved in pathogenesis and prognosis of patients after liver transplantation
Yukako Fujinaga Kanazawa University Professor Exploratory research into environmental factor(s) in intestine influencing on infant botulism
2-(2) Research on molecular mechanism in the formation, maintenance and reactivation of latent and persistent infections
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Norifumi Iijima National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition Sub-project leader Dissecting the mechanism of latent virus reactivation by focusing on the function of tissue-resident memory T cells
Yorifumi Satou Kumamoto University Professor Elucidation of key mechanisms of persistent/latent HTLV-1 infection by analyzing single cell data with data mining technique
Ayumi Taguchi Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Center Komagome Hospital Clinical fellow Elucidation of regulatory mechanisms for latent infection in progenitor cells and molecular mechanisms for virus reactivation along with cell differentiation
Keizo Tomonaga Kyoto University Professor Analysis of the evolutionary strategy of RNA virus persistent infection in the nucleus
Hideki Nakasone Jichi Medical University Assistant Professor Molecular mechanisms of immune escape in viral reactivations and host immune reconstitutions following hematopoietic cell transplantation
Takayuki Murata Fujita Health University Professor Reactivation of EBV: leveraging novel clinical data and creative technologies
Hiroyuki Yamamoto National Institute of Infectious Diseases Chief (Group leader) Analysis of B-cell Akt modulation-based virus-neutralizing antibody induction designed from animal AIDS models and development of its novel quantitative prediction model
Masahiro Yamamoto Osaka University Professor Elucidation of host factors involving PCVs to develop a novel therapeutic strategy against protozoan pathogens
Koichi Watashi National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Researcher Clarification of the determinant for chronicity of infection by analyzing dynamics of viral infection network
2-(3) Research on the molecular mechanism of transplacental infections or infections caused by blood-brain barrier failure
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Yasutoshi Kido University Public Corporation Osaka, Osaka City University Associate Professor Metabolic interaction between pathogens and hosts in the course of central nerve system invasion by African Trypanosome 
Cevayir Coban The University of Tokyo Professor Brain-specific immuno-pathogenesis during systemic malaria infection; BBB disruption and beyond
Takao Hashiguchi Kyushu University Associate Professor Structure‑guided and computer-aided drug development to ameliorate persistent measles virus infection in the central nervous system
Masaaki Murakami Hokkaido University Director, Professor Investigation of gateway reflex-mediated entry site formation for pathogen invasion

3. Research on pathogen ecosystems based on the "one health" concept

3-(1) Research on the environmental adaptation mechanisms of pathogens in ecosystems
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Hiroki Takahashi Chiba University Associate Professor Understanding of adaptation heterogeneity by mathematical modelling in pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus
Fumika Mi-ichi Saga University Research Associate Sulfolipid metabolism of Entamoeba histolytica - New targets of anti-amebic drug and amoebiasis transmission blocking drug -
3-(2) Research on the molecular mechanism that determines the host range of pathogens
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Masatoshi Okamatsu Hokkaido University Associate Professor Study on novel receptor novel receptor structures involved in interspecies transmission of influenza viruses
3-(3) Research on new treatment methods for drug-resistant pathogens
Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
Ken Daniel Inaoka  Nagasaki University Assistant Professor Targeting novel isocitrate metabolism involved in adaptation to host environment from African trypanosome
Longzhu Cui Jichi Medical University Professor Development of a novel tracking type antimicrobial therapy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Tomohiro Sawa Kumamoto University Professor Development of a novel chemotherapeutic strategy targeting bacterial oxidative stress resistance
Ichiro Nakagawa Kyoto University Professor Development of a new bacterial species-specific growth inhibitory drug based on molecular interaction

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