Division of Infectious Disease Research FY2019 List of Projects - Research Program on HIV/AIDS 

First Year Final Year Principal  Investigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2017 FY2019 Hirofumi Akari Kyoto University Professor Fundamental and applied research on the development of HIV cure therapeutics
FY2017 FY2019 Hiroyuki Gatanaga National Center for Global Health and Medicine Chief Study for HIV infection control and complication with new drugs
FY2018 FY2020 Tetsuro Matano National Institute of Infectious Diseases Director Study for the development of HIV vaccines inducing functional antibodies
FY2018 FY2020 Shinya Suzu Kumamoto University Professor Study aiming at the identification and eradication of bona fide HIV reservoirs
FY2018 FY2020 Ai Tachikawa National Institute of Infectious Diseases Chief Research on improvement of immunopathogenesis for HIV cure
FY2018 FY2020 Yoshio Koyanagi Kyoto University Professor Analysis of HIV regulome and generation of HIV cure strategy
FY2018 FY2020 Kenji Maeda National Center for Global Health and Medicine Section Chief Research on the development of anti-HIV drugs with a novel mechanism of action to cure HIV
FY2018 FY2020 Katsuji Teruya National Center for Global Health and Medicine Chief Physician Study on appropriate management of opportunistic illnesses in the era of early and prolonged ART
FY2018 FY2020 Tsukasa Ohomori Jichi Medical University Professor A study to create new generation treatments and diagnosis for cure of hemophilia as an HIV-related disorder
FY2018 FY2020 Osamu Noyori Kumamoto University Postdoctoral researcher Study of a novel route of intercellular HIV spread
FY2018 FY2020 Kei Sato The University of Tokyo Associate Professor Investigation of synergistic/contrary anti-HIV-1 responses mediated by innate, intrinsic and acquired immunity
FY2018 FY2020 Kei Miyakawa Yokohama City University School of Medicine Senior Lecturer Development of spatiotemporal analysis for HIV spread
FY2018 FY2020 Nozomi Kuse Kumamoto University Assistant Professor Induction of HIV-1-specific CD8+ T cells with super-function from naïve T cells
FY2018 FY2020 Hiroyuki Yamamoto National Institute of Infectious Diseases Chief (Group leader) Analysis of virus-specific B-cell responses as a platform of prophylactic and therapeutic HIV neutralizing antibody induction
FY2019 FY2021 Yorifumi Satou Kumamoto University Professor Creation of new druggable targets to overcome HIV-1 latency via collaboration between high-resolution nucleic acid analyses and leading-edge techniques for viral dynamics
FY2019 FY2021 Takushi Nomura National Institute of Infectious Diseases Research fellow Study for eradication of latently infected cells in SIV controllers
FY2019 FY2021 Shuzo Matsushita Kumamoto University Professor Neutralizing antibody-mediated treatment strategy towards cure of HIV-1infection
FY2019 FY2021 Kazuaki Monde Kumamoto University Assistant Professor Construction of drug screening system against HIV-1 Gag proteins
FY2019 FY2021 Osamu Kotani National Institute of Infectious Diseases Junior research fellow Creation of a groundbreaking platform for structural biology to promote novel studies of HIV replication and drug discovery
FY2019 FY2021 Tadashi Kikuchi National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Research Scientist Study of long-term trend of circulating HIV strains and HIV drug resistance in Japan
FY2019 FY2020 Teiichiro Shiino National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Researcher Study for system development of HIV and the host genome database construction and publication
FY2019 FY2021 Kiminori Kimura Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital Director Development of anti-fibrotic drugs for liver cirrhosis caused by HIV / HCV co-infection combined with hemophilia
FY2019 FY2021 Hiroshi Ishii National Institute of Infectious Diseases Researcher Determination of vaccine-induced immune responses accelerating HIV replication
FY2019 FY2021 Takayuki Chikata Kumamoto University Assistant Professor Use of LC-MS/MS for identification of T cell with effective function for HIV eradication

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