Division of Infectious Disease Research FY2017 List of Projects - Research Program on HIV/AIDS 

First Year Final Year PrincipalInvestigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2015 FY2017 Tetsuro Matano National Institute of Infectious Diseases, AIDS Research Center Director Development of a vaccine inducing anti-HIV antibodies
FY2015 FY2017 Masafumi Takiguchi Kumamoto University Professor A study of HIV Immunology targeting AIDS treatment
FY2015 FY2017 Yoshio KOYANAGI Kyoto University Professor Strategy for HIV-1 Cure
FY2015 FY2017 Yasumasa Iwatani National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center Department Chief Seed Compound Exploration for Novel Anti-HIV Drug Discovery and Analysis on Drug Resistance Mechanism
FY2015 FY2017 Ai Tachikawa National Institute of Infectious Diseases Division leader Research for development of new immunotherapy for HIV cure with iPS cell-derived T cells
FY2015 FY2017 Tsukasa Ohmori Jichi Medical University School of Medicine Professor A Research to Overcome Complications Associated with Hemophilia Treatment
FY2015 FY2017 Takuma Shirasaka National Hospital Organization Osaka National Hospital Department Chief A research on  improvement of adherence to anti-retroviral medication dosing schedule
FY2015 FY2017 Akio Adachi Tokushima University Distinguished Professor Demonstrative research on HIV/AIDS to understand the relationship between viral replication dynamics and disease progression in host individuals
FY2015 FY2017 Katsuji Teruya Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicne Chief Physician Study on appropriate management for opportunistic diseases in the long-term anti-retroviral treatment era
FY2016 FY2018 Hiroaki Mitsuya Kumamoto University Hospital Distinguished Invited Professor Research and development of novel anti-HIV agents potent against multi-drug-resistant HIV variants with high CNS penetration
FY2016 FY2018 Shuzo Matsushita Kumamoto University Professor Development of novel treatment strategy towards cure of HIV-1 infection using neutralizing antibodies
FY2016 FY2018 Kazutaka Terahara National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Researcher Protective efficacy of a CD8+ T cell-inducing HIV vaccine against intestinal mucosal infection
FY2016 FY2018 Hironori Sato National Institute of Infectious Diseases chief Creation of new research bases of structural and evolutionary biology of HIV Gag proteins for drug seeds discovery
FY2016 FY2018 Kazuhisa Yoshimura National Institute of Infectious Diseases Division Chief Study for long-term trends in newly diagnosed and transmitted-drug resistant HIV in Japan
FY2016 FY2018 Shigeyoshi Harada National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Researcher Discovery of novel HIV entry inhibitors through structural basis of Env glycoprotein trimmers
FY2016 FY2018 Harutaka Katano National Institute of Infectious Diseases Laboratory Chief Research on pathogenesis, prophylaxis and treatment for Kaposi sarcoma and its associated diseases
FY2016 FY2018 Seiji Okada Kumamoto University Professor Establishment of comprehensive medical system for AIDS related malignant lymphoma in Japan
FY2017 FY2019 Hirofumi Akari Kyoto University Professor Fundamental and applied research on the development of HIV cure therapeutics
FY2017 FY2019 Hiroyuki Gatanaga National Center for Global Health and Medicine Chief Study for HIV infection control and complication with new drugs

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