Calls for Proposals FY 2023 Advanced International Collaborative Research Program - Adopting Sustainable Partnerships for an Innovative Research Ecosystem(ASPIRE)​


Status of Grants/Funding Opportunities Pre-announcement
R&D phase Basic Study, Applied Study, Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study
Key Fields Innovation and Clinical Research Center Project
Start Date Early June, 2023 (Preliminary)
Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development(AMED) Division of Research Program, Department of International Strategy
E-mail: amed-aspire“AT” (Replace “AT” with @)
Inquiries by email are strongly encouraged.

Public offering content

AMED will provide advance notice of the upcoming the Alignment Call of ASPIRE program.

Support for each project will be as follows.

  1. No more than 100 million yen per year including direct and indirect costs.​
  2. 20 million yen to 30 million yen per year including direct and indirect costs.​

For more information, please refer to the call text at the time of the call for applications.
As part of the ASPIRE program, AMED also plans joint calls with partner FAs.

Alignment Call
AMED will accept research proposals in which Japan-based research teams plan to collaborate with top foreign scientists who have been receiving or will receive sufficient research funding from their country or regional founding agencies (either public or private).
Research Area and Partner Country/Region

Program summary

  •  Adopting Sustainable Partnerships for Innovative Research Ecosystem (ASPIRE) aims to provide sufficient funds for large-scale collaborative joint research projects in cutting-edge fields, to be conducted at the initiative of the Japanese government in collaboration with advanced countries with high standards of science and technology.
  • Under the cooperation of funding agencies in between Japan and partner country, this new fund will support international joint research strategically by enabling flexibility to set the research budget and support period.
  • Through this international research collaboration, Japanese researchers will be encouraged to join the world’s leading scientific community. The exchange and connection of excellent young researchers from Japan and partner countries will also be strengthened. This will promote international talent mobility and circulation, and contribute to long-term collaborative networks.
  • Proposal solicitation, evaluation, adoption, support, etc. in this program will be conducted by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and AMED will support research projects in the field of “Healthcare”.

Project Information

Department of International Strategy-Division of International Strategy-International Collaborative Research Program: Adopting Sustainable Partnerships for an Innovative Research Ecosystem(ASPIRE)

Solicitation Period

Early June, 2023 - Early August, 2023 (Preliminary)


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