Calls for Proposals FY 2017 International Collaborative Research Program for Tackling the NTDs Challenges AMED’s Newly Supporting Projects


Status of Grants/Funding Opportunities Awarded projects
R&D phase Basic Study, Applied Study, Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study, Clinical Study
Key Fields Other programs(1st)
Division of International Collaboration, Department of International Affairs, AMED
E-mail: africa-ntds“AT” (Replace “AT” with “@”)

Adoption contents

This program will be implemented at universities and other research institutes both in Japan and African countries to achieve the goal of controlling NTDs. The program covers research and development in the medical and public hygiene fields, including from basic research to the establishment of methods for diagnosis, surveillance, prevention, drug discovery and treatment. It also includes research on proposing policies and operations, such as a public-hygiene system to control NTDs, based on the results of the aforementioned research and development. During these activities, through close cooperation at local sites, centers for international joint research and cooperative activities will be established to help local researchers continue and extend their efforts over a long period. These centers are also expected to provide training and education to prospective young African researchers with the aim of contributing to innovation in Africa.

As a part of the program, the call was conducted in 2017 and Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) decided to support the project shown in the next table through peer review.


Title Principal Investigator Affiliation
Integrated research to fight against Buruli ulcer and other skin NTDs in West Africa Koichi Suzuki Teikyo University



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