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Adoption contents

As a result of scrupulous deliberation conducted by the evaluation committee (PDF), Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) selected PM to adopt for the FY2020 Moonshot Research and Development Program as follows:

R&D Project PM Affiliation Position
Mitochondrial Medicine ABE Takaaki Tohoku University Professor
Development of method for complex tissue regeneration via tissue embryonization KURITA Masakazu University of Tokyo Research Associate
Realization of innovative medical systems that extend healthy lifespan to 100 years old by eliminating tissue inflammation-inducing cells NAKANISHI Makoto University of Tokyo Professor
Quantum technology and neuromodulation medicine for new therapeutic strategies to suppress microinflammations MURAKAMI  Masaaki Hokkaido University Professor
Development of new-generation medical care systems through customizing sleep and hibernation YANAGISAWA Masashi University of Tsukuba Professor

*The R&D project name is subject to change from the information published on February 5th, 2021.

Evaluation Process

Solicitation Period 2020.9.1 Tue - 2020.10.27 Tue
Evaluation committee 2020.11.30 Mon , 2020.12.1 Tue
Number of applicants recieved 86
Number of proposals interviewed 16
Number of proposals selected for funding 5


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