Calls for Proposals FY 2021 International Collaborative Research Program for Tackling the NTDs (Neglected Tropical Diseases) Challenges in African Countries

Change log

June 18, 2021: The Application Guidelines were updated with information regarding the new "Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects", which wiil enter into force on June 30, 2021, and the existing "Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects" and "Ethical Guidelines for Human Genome/Gene Analysis Research", which will be repealed on the same date.


Status of Grants/Funding Opportunities Grants/Funding Opportunities
R&D phase Basic Study, Applied Study, Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study
Key Fields Innovation and Clinical Research Center Project, Infectious disease
Submission Deadline 07/20/21 Tue noon (JST)
Office of International Collaboration, Division of International Strategy, Department of International Strategy, AMED
E-mail: africa-ntds"at" (Replace "at" with @)

Public offering content

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for FY 2021 International Collaborative Research Program for Tackling the NTDs (Neglected Tropical Diseases) Challenges in African countries.

Name of field/R&D projects being solicited Scale of R&D funds
(not including indirect costs)
R&D period to be implemented Planned number of new projects
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

Approx. 30 million JPY per year

Max. of 5 years
(FY2021 –FY2025)
0 to 1 project

This year the program accepts research and development proposals targeting the following diseases selected from the “Neglected Tropical Diseases” defined by the World Health Organization.

[Target diseases]
Buruli ulcer; Echinococcosis; Human African trypanosomiasis; Leishmaniasis; Leprosy; Mycetoma, chromoblastomycosis and other deep mycoses; Onchocerciasis; Schistosomiasis; Taeniasis and cysticercosis

For details, please refer to the Application Guidelines.

Program summary

This project aims at developing of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic measures and drug discovery for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) at research institutions in Japan and African countries in order to implement the research outcomes in society, as well as fostering young scientists of Japan and Africa through international joint research.

Program Details


Eligible Applicants for this program shall be researchers affiliated with a research institute in Japan that fulfills the conditions shown in “Application Guidelines” and who have the capability to take responsibility for formulating an R&D implementation plan and compiling the research accomplishments for the R&D project for which the application is being submitted (hereinafter referred to as “R&D Principal Investigator” [PI]).

※Please refer Application Guideline II. Application Requirements.

Solicitation Period

06/08/21 Tue - 07/20/21 Tue noon (JST)

Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

How to Apply

This call requires Japan-based researchers to develop proposals jointly with researchers in African countries. The Japan-based researchers must submit the proposal documents via e-Rad as applicants according to the application guidelines to be published on AMED website on this June.

Please note that proposals can be registered for e-Rad only during the hours when e-Rad is available.




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