News Releases & Research Results Study develops the world's first innovative method to control diseases caused by intestinal bacteria! ― For the development of dream vaccines for obesity and diabetes ―

News Releases & Research Results


Results of research and development by Professor Satoshi Uematsu, Assistant Professor Kosuke Fujimoto, and others of the Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine (Immunology and Genomics).

Key points of the study results

  • A new mucosal vaccine was developed, which can be used to control disease-specific intestinal bacteria in addition to life-threatening infection in the mucosa throughout the body.
  • The developed vaccine can elicit very high concentrations of an antigen-specific antibody by only adding antigens to the mucosal surface requiring protection against infection after vaccination. The results have made it clear that intestinal bacteria that can cause human obesity and diabetes may be controlled in addition to reduction of diarrhea due to cholera toxin and control of pneumococcal infection.
  • It is expected that the study results can lead to the establishment of new prevention and treatment strategies by targeting identified intestinal bacteria in various diseases.

This research and development was conducted with the support of Research on Development of New Drugs Project by AMED.

The results of research and development were published on August 21 in the online version of Gastroenterology, an international scientific journal.


Fujimoto K., et al. Antigen-specific Mucosal Immunity Regulates Development of Intestinal Bacteria-mediated Diseases, Gastroenterology
DOI: 10.1053/j.gastro.2019.08.021


Last updated 08/23/19