News Releases & Research Results Team performs the world's first transplant using corneal epithelial cell sheets from iPS cells

News Releases & Research Results


Results of research and development by a group led by Professor Kohji Nishida of the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine (Department of Ophthalmology) and others.

Key points of research results

  • In July 2019, corneal epithelial cell sheets derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) were transplanted to a patient with exhausted corneal epithelial stem cells. This was the world's first clinical study of corneal regeneration using iPS cells.
  • The patient who had the transplant surgery was discharged from hospital on August 23, 2019 (subsequent follow-up examinations have been performed).
  • The second transplant of corneal epithelial cell sheets derived from iPS cells is scheduled later this year.
  • As an innovative therapeutic approach, this is expected to contribute to the recovery of vision in many patients all over the world who are nearly blind due to corneal diseases.

This research and development was conducted with the support of Research Center Network Program for Realization of Regenerative Medicine and Research Project for Practical Applications of Regenerative Medicine by AMED.


Last updated 2019.8.29