News Releases & Research Results Evidence of host resistance to obesity conferred by gut microbiota metabolizing polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in cooking oil

News Releases & Research Results


Results of joint research conducted by Research Assistant Professor Junki Miyamoto and Professor Ikuo Kimura of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Keio University, Kyoto University, Chiba University, Kumamoto University, University of Shizuoka, and University of Toronto in Canada.

Key points of research results

  • A series of mice experiments revealed that the gut microbiota metabolic action stimulates conversion of polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from a cooking oil to other types of fatty acids including HYA (10-hydroxy-12-octadecenoic acid) before improvement in obesity due to high-fat diets.
  • The research results are expected to lead to the establishment of new therapies for metabolic diseases.

This research was supported by Advanced Research and Development Programs for Medical Innovation (AMED-CREST)  of AMED.

These research results were published on September 5 in the British online journal Nature Communications.


Miyamoto J., et al. Gut microbiota confers host resistance to obesity by metabolizing dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids, Nature Communications


Last updated 09/05/19