News Releases & Research Results Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization develops Japonica Array® NEO―Makes it possible to apply genome sequencing to a wider range of people―

News Releases & Research Results


An SNP (*) array with SNPs related to diseases specific to the Japanese population was designed by the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo),  of Tohoku University, and was launched by Thermo Fisher Scientific Japan Group as Japonica Array® NEO.
(*) SNP: polymorphism where only a single DNA nucleotide is different and causes the variance in a certain region.

Key points of the R&D results

  • Japonica Array® is a genetic analysis tool that makes it possible to precisely analyze Japanese genomic information at a low cost.
  • SPN information and quasi-whole genome sequencing are now obtainable at a low cost, high speed, and high precision.
  • As genomic analysis for large numbers of people can be conducted at a low cost, it is expected to expand into new areas that have not been targeted previously, including medical examinations.


Last updated 09/17/19