News Releases & Research Results Establishment of a global leading contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for constrained peptide medicines

News Releases & Research Results

The key points of announcement are as follows

Using internal funding as well as support from the AMED Cyclic Innovation for Clinical Empowerment (CiCLE), PeptiStar Inc., established the infrastructure for innovation and manufacturing of peptides to ensure a constant supply of constrained peptide medicines.

  • They built the Headquarter R&D Building and a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant Manufacturing Building 1, and installed equipment and other infrastructures needed.
  • The R&D Building is equipped with labs dedicated to develop methods to develop and manufacture peptides, as well as conference rooms that can be used for the purpose of international GMP audits.
  • The Manufacturing Building 1 is equipped with labs dedicated to the synthesis and purification of constrained peptides, as well as a microwave reactor.


Last updated 12/06/19