News Releases & Research Results Transplantation of CD73-positive cells suppresses pulmonary fibrosis paving the way to the development of a novel therapy through induction of immune tolerance

News Releases & Research Results


The results of research conducted by Assistant Professor Eriko G.Suto and Researcher Yuna Naraoka of the Intractable Disease Research Centre, Juntendo University School of Medicin, and others.

The key results of research are as follows:

  • The researchers administered "CD73-positive cells" harvested from the human subcutaneous fat tissues to the pulmonary fibrosis* mouse model, and were successful in suppressing pulmonary fibrosis.
    *Pulmonary fibrosis is an intractable disease in which fibrosis develops in the lung interstitium, thereby disturbing the uptake of oxygen.
  • The results of this research project should facilitate the development of novel therapeutic modalities using CD73-positive cells derived from human subcutaneous fat.

This research project was conducted with the support of the Research Center Network for Realization of Regenerative Medicine by AMED.

The results of research were published online in Scientific Reports on September 15.



Last updated 09/17/20