Topics AMED joining the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) as a newest member. (29 June, 2016.)



GACD logomarkThe Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) is a collection of the world's largest public health research funding agencies. They fund joint programs into lifestyle related or chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, certain cancers, lung diseases and mental disorders).

The alliance coordinates and supports research activities that address the prevention and treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases, on a global scale. These conditions account for 60 percent of deaths globally. Their multi-country, multi-disciplinary research focuses in particular on the needs of low- and middle-income countries, where 80% of deaths from chronic diseases occur. They also focus on research with vulnerable populations of more developed countries.

The GACD is the first collaboration of major research funding agencies to specifically address chronic non-communicable diseases. Together, the members of the alliance represent over 80% of public health research funding worldwide. The GACD is now made up of thirteen public health research funders from around the world.

Dr. Alain Beaudet, Chair of GACD

“We are delighted to welcome AMED to the GACD. The burden of chronic diseases continues to increase and threaten the health as well as the economic development of many nations. We are pleased that Japan will contribute to our collective efforts to support research that will enable policymakers around the world to tackle the global NCD epidemic.”

Dr. Makoto Suematsu, President of AMED

“By joining the GACD, Japanese researchers will be given valuable opportunities to collaborate with other international experts and to further advance the area of implementation science. Japan through AMED has a long tradition of outstanding research and we are hoping that our involvement with the GACD will lead to positive health outcomes in the area of non-communicable diseases.”

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