Department of Basic Medical Research BSL4 Facility of Nagasaki University (Subsidised Project)


This program provides subsidies to Nagasaki University based on the Act on Regulation of Execution of Budget Pertaining to Subsidies, etc. (Act No. 179 of 1955).

The program centers on the establishment of an infectious disease research center built around the high-level biocontainment facilities (BSL4 facilities) at Nagasaki University. This was one of the top priorities in the 2014 roadmap planned by the Council for Science and Technology under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (August 2014). The scheme was considered as an important project in the Basic Guidelines for Strengthening Measures on Emerging Infectious Diseases (February 2016) by the Ministerial Meeting on Measures on Emerging Infectious Diseases. Issues regarding the consolidation of the high-level biocontainment facilities (BSL4 facilities) of Nagasaki University concerning the nation were decided at the same meeting (November 2016).

The program provides the support for Nagasaki University as the base of the project for research and development into highly pathogenic infectious diseases such as Ebola virus infection to enhance the research capabilities of Japan. To ensure the safety of the BSL4 facility, the government will supervise and instruct Nagasaki University regarding issues that concern the nation.

Project Title(subsidised project) Principal Investigator Affiliation Position
Establishment of the research base for BSL-4 facility and capacity building of researchers on 'category I' (highly pathogenic) pathogen KONO Shigeru Nagasaki University President

Last updated 03/02/21