Division of Basic Medical Research FY2021 List of Projects - Research Program on Hepatitis

Program for Basic and Clinical Research on Hepatitis

First Year Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2019 ENOMOTO Nobuyuki University of Yamanashi Director Study on  factors influencing post treatment pathological status in hepatitis C patients receiving direct acting antiviral agents using next generation sequencing technology
FY2019 TANAKA Yasuhito Kumamoto University Professor Genome-wide research aimed at identifying host factors affecting the changes in disease conditions after direct acting antiviral therapies for hepatitis C
FY2019 KANEKO Shuichi Kanazawa University Professor Study of preventing hepatocarcinogenesis from chronic hepatitis C
FY2019 KAWADA Norifumi Osaka City University Professor Study on the development of regression therapy for liver fibrosis by using recombinant human Cytoglobin
FY2019 OHDAN Hideki Hiroshima University Professor Research and development of immune-therapy using pluripotent stem cells as potential anti-hepatitis/hepatoma therapeutics
FY2019 KATO Naoya Chiba University Professor Development of Hepatocarcinogenesis Prevention in Hepatitis C by Activating Innate Immune Response
FY2019 MURAMATSU Masamichi National Institute of Infectious Diseases Director Basic research and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for viral hepatitis
FY2019 OTSUKA Motoyuki The University of Tokyo Assistant Professor Development of novel interventional methods against hepatitis B based on the comprehensive elucidation of its pathogenesis
FY2019 OKAMOTO Toru Osaka University Professor Development of novel therapeutics for pathogenesis induced by hepatitis viruses
FY2019 TOKUNAGA Katsushi National Center for Global Health and Medicine Co-Director, Genome Medical Science Project Study for clinical sequencing based on genome analysis of host and viral factors
FY2019 YAMAMOTO Takuya National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition Project Leader Establishment of therapeutic strategies toward a functional cure for HBV by innovative immunotherapies
FY2019 TAKEHARA Tetsuo Osaka University Professor Study of outcome of liver cirrhotic patients received HCV elimination therapy
FY2019 NAKAGAWA Hayato The University of Tokyo Specially Appointed Lecturer Relevance of burned-out phenomenon to the pathogenesis of NASH: Development of a new therapeutic strategy based on lipid metabolism
FY2019 ASAHINA Yasuhiro Tokyo Medical and Dental University Professor Development of an innovative disease model using human iPS cell-derived liver organoids and creation of treatments to suppress hepatic fibrosis and hepatocarcinogenesis
FY2019 SUGIYAMA Masaya National Center for Global Health and Medicine Vice Director Development of full-length HBV-POL expression system for drug discovery
FY2019 YAMANE Daisuke Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science Chief Researcher Study of Intrinsic Antiviral Signaling Pathways in Hepatocytes Toward the Development of Novel Antiviral Strategies
FY2019 TAKAYAMA Kazuo Kyoto University Junior Assistant Professor Functional analysis and regulation of liver disease-associated gene TLL1
FY2020 TAKEHARA Tetsuo Osaka University Professor Elucidation of the progression of liver pathology such as liver carcinogenesis after hepatitis C virus elimination and its predictors
FY2020 CHAYAMA Kazuaki Hiroshima University Professor Study of factors associated with health status and prognosis after successful HCV eradication
FY2020 AIZAKI Hideki National Institute of Infectious Disease Chief Study on pathology and course of liver carcinogenesis after sustained virologic response in hepatitis C
FY2020 KUROSAKI Masayuki Musashino Red Cross Hospital Vice President Study on the effect of resistance associated substitutions on clinical features of hepatitis C virus infection
FY2020 TAJIRI Hitoshi Kindai University Nara Hospital Researcher Studies on evaluation of progression of viral hepatitis during childhood and on development of treatment strategy
FY2020 YATSUHASHI Hiroshi National Hospital Organization Nagasaki Medical Center Vice President Study of contributing to improvement of QOL and improvement of prognosis in patients with liver cirrhosis
FY2020 TERAI Shuji Niigata University Professor Translational research aiming for development of next generation exosome therapy for cirrhosis
FY2020 OSAFUNE Kenji Kyoto University Professor Development of cell therapy against liver cirrhosis using human iPS cells and nonhuman primate liver disease models
FY2020 SAKAMOTO Naoya Hokkaido University Professor Screening of prognostic biomarker by comprehensive serum and liver tissue glycomics
FY2020 HONDA Masao Kanazawa University Professor Revealing the association of impaired barrier function of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and the onset of lifestyle disease related non-B, non-C hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma
FY2020 KODAMA Takahiro Osaka university Assistant professor Study of molecular mechanisms of NASH and non-B non-C liver cancer and exploration of their therapeutic targets
FY2020 KANDA Tatsuo Nihon University School of Medicine Associate Professor Research and development of infection prevention, pathological mechanism, diagnosis and treatment for hepatitis A and E viruses
FY2020 UENO Hideki Kyoto University Professor Promoting HBs seroconversion in chronic HBV infection
FY2020 NAKAMOTO Yasunari University of Fukui Professor Development of Novel Targeted Immunotherapy for Chronic Hepatitis B to Regulate both Virus and Carcinogenesis
FY2020 NISHIDA Nao National Center for Global Health and Medicine Senior Researcher Predictive Model to Prevent Development of Liver Disease Based on the Polygenic Risk Score (PRS)
FY2020 MIYOSHI Eiji Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Professor Study of novel hepatocarcinogenesis mechanism using glycotechnology and its application
FY2020 SEKIBA Kazuma The University of Tokyo Staff Doctor Comprehensive identification of host factors maintaining HBV cccDNA by CRISPR technology for the development of new therapeutic methods
FY2020 MURAI Kazuhisa Kanazawa University Assistant Professor Establishment of the research infrastructure for liver cancer microenvironment and exploratory research of a novel cancer immunotherapeutic target
FY2020 ABE Yuichi Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute Senior Scientist Screening of novel diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for NASH-derived hepatocellular carcinoma by ultra-sensitive multi-omics
FY2021 HIASA Yoichi Ehime University Professor Development of immune therapy to achieve drug-free for the patient with chronic hepatitis B
FY2021 SUZUKI Fumitaka Toranomon Hospital Director The analyses of factors associated with drug free status and try to establish the therapies for setting out to drug free status and HBsAg
FY2021 MIZOKAMI Masashi National Center for Global Health and Medicine Project Leader Development of cost-effective prophylaxis and treatment for hepatitis B virus (HBV) reactivation
FY2021 SUZUKI Tetsuro Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Professor Development of a novel class of anti-HCV agents targeting the viral NS2
FY2021 SAKAI Katsuya Kanazawa University Associate Professor A versatile hepatitis treatment based on recovery from liver dysfunctions and fibrosis achieved by an engineered
FY2021 MIZUGUCHI Hiroyuki Osaka University Professor Development of hepatic tissue derived organoids for the novel treatment of cirrhosis and liver failure
FY2021 KANEYAMA Shuri Showa University School of Medicine Associate Professor Development of the antisense nucleic acid aiming to treat liver fibrosis via extracellular matrix remodeling
FY2021 KOIKE Kazuhiko The University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Study of pathogenesis of metabolism-associated liver cancer on the background of steatohepatitis
FY2021 KANTO Tatsuya National Center for Global Health and Medicine Director General Development of medicine for NASH patients with liver cancer based on inflammaging lipid-genomics research 2.0
FY2021 OTSUKA Motoyuki The University of Tokyo Assistant Professor Elucidation of the mechanisms of chronic inflammation-induced hepatocarcinogenesis and development of novel
FY2021 NAKATSURA Tetsuya National Cancer Center Chief Development of technology to suppress the onset and recurrence of liver cancer with circulating tumor cells and personalized immunotherapy
FY2021 YOSHIO Sachiyo National Center for Global Health and Medicine Chief Development of novel therapy for the patients with chronic liver disease based on comprehensive understanding of muscle-liver-metabolism axis and immune system
FY2021 YAMASHITA Taro Kanazawa University Hospital Associate Professor Development of a novel synthetic ligand optimized for the activation of hepatocyte nuclear factor 4α, a master regulator of liver metabolism, regeneration, and carcinogenesis, to develop an innovative treatment strategy on liver cancer
FY2021 NAKAMOTO Nobuhiro Keio University Associate Professor Study to elucidate the mechanism of liver fibrosis and resolution via inter-organ network
FY2021 YOSHIJI Hitoshi Nara Medical University Professor Development research of novel pathophysiology and therapy for hepatorenal syndrome in cirrhosis -Thrombotic microangiopathy and recombinant ADAMTS13 therapy-
FY2021 SHIOZAWA Yusuke Nippon Medical School Assistant Professor Specific excision of hepatitis B virus covalently closed circular DNA using Cas9 nickase
FY2021 MATSUMOTO Tomonori Osaka University Assistant Professor Exploration of novel treatment strategies for drug resistance and emergence of liver cancers targeting ploidy alterations and senescence escape
FY2021 Xian Yang QIN RIKEN Research Scientist Molecular pathology and drug discovery of liver cancer by tracing dynamic changes of cancer stem cell marker expression

Program on the Innovative Development and the Application of New Drugs for Hepatitis B

First Year Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2017 TANAKA Yasuhito Kumamoto University Professor Drug screening for developing HBV therapeutics and optimization of the hit compounds
FY2017 MORIYA Kyoji The University of Tokyo Professor Search for drug candidates with novel mechanisms capable of efficient inhibition of hepatitis B virus propagation
FY2017 MURAMATSU Masamichi National Institute for Infectious Diseases Director Basic research on hepatitis B virus life cycle and anti-viral development
FY2017 KATSUJI Kunio Kobe University Professor Analysis of HBV life cycle by using sophisticated reporter HBV systems and its application to the development of a new strategy to suppress HBV infection and replication
FY2017 UEDA Keiji Osaka University Professor Exploitation of anti-HBV strategies by targeting cellular factors functioning in the HBV life cycle
FY2017 KANTO Tatsuya National Center for Global Health and Medicine Director General Establishment of novel therapeutic strategies against HBV - An integrated Immuno-omics approach
FY2017 FUJITA Takashi Kyoto University Visiting Professor Research for HBV therapy development based on the establishment of HBV-sensitive cell and animal models
FY2017 TAKEHARA Tetsuo Osaka University Professor Development of molecular pathogenesis and drug discovery using HBV infection models
FY2017 CHAYAMA Kazuaki Hiroshima University Professor Hepatitis B virus eradication therapy development using a highly efficient cell culture system and a long term active chronic hepatitis B mouse model
FY2017 KANEKO Shuichi Kanazawa University Professor Development of new antiviral therapies for hepatitis B virus
FY2017 MIZOKAMI Masashi National Center for Global Health and Medicine Project Leader Comprehensive development of innovative therapeutic methods for complete inactivation of the HBV genome in the liver through application of genome-editing technology in personalized medicine
FY2017 MATSUURA Tomokazu RIKEN Visiting Senior Researcher Drug discovery researches for licensing-out the next generation anti-HBV drugs
FY2017 MITSUYA Hiroaki Kumamoto University Distinguished Guest Professor Development of novel anti-hepatitis B virus (HBV) agents potent against wild-type- and drug-resistant-HBVs
FY2017 WATASHI Koichi National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Researcher Drug development against hepatitis B virus using chemical biological approaches and mathematical models
FY2017 ITO Kiyoaki Aichi Medical University Professor Regulation of hepatitis B virus targeting by the control mechanisms of bile acid metabolism

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