Division of Basic Medical Research FY2018 List of Projects - Research Program on Hepatitis

Program for Basic and Clinical Research on Hepatitis

First Year Final Year Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2016 FY2018 Yasuhito Tanaka Nagoya City University Professor Genome-wide research for identification of host factors associated with liver disease progression or improvement after hepatitis C virus eradication
FY2016 FY2018 Nobuyuki Enomoto University of Yamanashi Professor Clarifying the role of new anti-HCV therapies in the pathogenesis of liver disease through the next-generation viral sequencing technology and its clinical applications
FY2016 FY2018 Yukihito Ishizaka National Center for Global Health and Medicine Director Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to hepatic cells by artifitial
transcriptional factors
FY2016 FY2018 Norifumi Kawada Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine Professor of Medicine Development of therapy for liver cirrhosis based on the regulation
 of hepatic stellate cell activation
FY2016 FY2018 Shuichi Kaneko Kanazawa University Professor Elucidation of mechanism how hepatocellular carcinoma develops in chronic hepatitis C, and study of the regulation
FY2016 FY2018 Yoshiharu Matsuura Osaka University Professor Basic and clinical research on liver cancer induced by infection with HCV
FY2016 FY2018 Hideki Ohdan Hiroshima University Professor Development of a novel anti-Hepatitis/HCC therapy by reconstructing innate immunity with multi-pluripotent stem cells
FY2017 FY2019 Takahiro Kodama Osaka University Assistant Professor Discovery and characterization of NASH-derived HCC drivers through forward genetic screens and omics
FY2017 FY2019 Itoh Yoshito Kyoto Prefectural
University of Medicine
Professor Apg-2 plays an essential role for the progression of nonalcoholic liver diseases; its application for a useful biomarker and for the development of a novel pharmaceutical agents
FY2017 FY2019 Koh Ono Kyoto University Associate Professor Development of novel strategy for the treatment of NAFLD/NASH by the inhibition of miR-33a/b, which are important for cholesterol metabolism
FY2017 FY2019 Michio Nakaya Kyushu University Associate Professor Functional analysis of a fibrosis-stimulating receptor, which is specifically expressed in myofibroblasts, and the development of a novel strategy for targeting the receptor to treat liver fibrosis
FY2017 FY2019 Yukio Nagasaki University of Tsukuba Professor Development of high performance nanomedicines for chronic inflammatoryliver diseaes
FY2017 FY2019 Toshiji Saibara Kochi Medical School Professor Development of pre-emptive medicine for NAFLD using lipidglycome
FY2017 FY2019 Taro Yamashita Kanazawa University Associate Professor Development of a new therapy to normalize the remodeling of liver associated with hepatic fibrosis.

Program on the Innovative Development and the Application of New Drugs for Hepatitis B

First Year Final Year Principal Investigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2017 FY2021 Yasuhito Tanaka Nagoya City University Professor Drug screening for developing HBV therapeutics and optimization of the hit compounds
FY2017 FY2021 Kyoji Moriya The University of Tokyo Professor Search for drug candidates with novel mechanisms capable of efficient inhibition of hepatitis B virus propagation
FY2017 FY2021 Takaji Wakita National Institute for Infectious Diseases Deputy Director-General Basic research on hepatitis B virus life cycle and anti-viral development
FY2017 FY2021 Kunitada Shimotohno National Center for Global Medicine and Health Project Chief Analysis of HBV life cycle by using sophisticated reporter HBV systems and its application to the development of a new strategy to suppress HBV infection and replication
FY2017 FY2021 Keiji Ueda Osaka University Professor Exploitation of anti-HBV strategies by targeting cellular factors functioning in the HBV life cycle
FY2017 FY2021 Tatsuya Kanto National Center for Global Health and Medicine Director General Establishment of novel therapeutic strategies against HBV - An integrated Immuno-omics approach
FY2017 FY2021 Takashi Fujita Kyoto University Professor Research for HBV therapy development based on the establishment of HBV-sensitive cell and animal models
FY2017 FY2021 Tetsuo Takehara Osaka University Professor Development of molecular pathogenesis and drug discovery using HBV infection models
FY2017 FY2021 Kazuaki Chayama Hiroshima University Professor Hepatitis B virus eradication therapy development using a highly efficient cell culture system and a long term active chronic hepatitis B mouse model
FY2017 FY2021 Shuichi Kaneko Kanazawa University Professor Development of new antiviral therapies for hepatitis B virus
FY2017 FY2021 Masashi Mizokami National Center for Global Health and Medicine Project Leader Comprehensive development of innovative therapeutic methods for complete inactivation of the HBV genome in the liver through application of genome-editing technology in personalized medicine

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