Division of Basic Medical Research FY2022 List of Projects - Research Program on HIV/AIDS 

First Year Final Year Principal  Investigator Affiliation Project Title
FY2020 FY2022 AKARI Hirofumi Kyoto University Professor Evaluation in the efficacy of HIV cure therapeutics by the non-human primate model of HIV infection
FY2020 FY2022 TAKAORI Akifumi Kyoto University Professor Development of novel immunotherapy against HIV-1 infection using alpaca VHH technology
FY2021 FY2023 MATANO Tetsuro National Institute of Infectious Diseases Director Study of vaccine development to protect mucosal HIV infection
FY2021 FY2023 TACHIKAWA Ai National Institute of Infectious Diseases Division Leader Study for an immunotherapy towared HIV cure
FY2021 FY2023 OHMORI Tsukasa Jichi Medical University Professor Development of innovative therapies and diagnostic modalities to improve the quality of life of hemophilia as an HIV-related disorder
FY2021 FY2023 TERUYA Katsuji National Center for Global Health and Medicine Chief Physician Study on appropriate management of opportunistic illnesses in the era of early and prolonged ART.
FY2021 FY2023 SATO Kei The University of Tokyo Associate Professor Multiscale investigations of HIV-1/AIDS leading to the elucidation of HIV infection
FY2021 FY2023 YAMAMOTO Takuya National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition Project Leader Developing strategies for the cure of HIV infection based on the immunological analysis of lymphoid tissues
FY2021 FY2023 MASUDA Takao Tokyo Medical and Dental University Associate Professor Elucidation of molecular structure bases for a novel HIV infection mechanism through viral multifunctional molecules.
FY2021 FY2023 YOKOYAMA Masaru National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Scientist Elucidation of the structure and function of evolutionary vulnerable sites of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein and search for drug discovery seeds
FY2021 FY2023 TSUJI Kohei Tokyo Medical and Dental University Assistant Professor Study of novel anti-HIV agents utilizing CD4 mimic compounds
FY2021 FY2023 KUSE Nozomi National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Research Scientist Development of a novel approach to enhance cellular immune responses toward a functional cure for HIV-1
FY2021 FY2023 TAKAHASHI Naofumi Kumamoto University Assistant Professor Establishment and application of HIV-latently infected microglia model
FY2021 FY2023 MOTOZONO Chihiro Kumamoto University Lecturer Identification of human innate-like T cells sensing HIV-1 infected cells
FY2022 FY2024 SAITO Akatsuki University of Miyazaki Associate Professor Dissecting the molecular mechanism of a novel anti-HIV-1 host factor
FY2022 FY2024 KOTANI Osamu National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Research Scientist Structural biology and drug discovery of disordered regions in Gag precursor protein Pr55Gag
FY2022 FY2024 KIMURA Kiminori Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital Director Development of anti-fibrotic agent for liver cirrhosis caused by HIV/HCV co-infection complicated with hemophilia
FY2022 FY2024 KIKUCHI Tadashi National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Research Scientist Study of long-term trend of circulating HIV strains and HIV drug resistance in Japan
FY2022 FY2024 NAGATA Naoyoshi Tokyo Medical University Associate Professor Disentangling effects of intestinal immunity through the human gut microbiome on non-AIDS cancers in HIV-infected patients
FY2022 FY2024 SATOU Yorifumi Kumamoto University Professor A development research aiming to elucidate and overcome HIV latency by cutting-edge nucleic acid biotechnology
FY2022 FY2024 CHIKATA Takayuki Kumamoto University Lecturer Study of immunopeptidomics leads to immunotherapy for HIV cure
FY2022 FY2024 MATSUSHITA Shuzo Kumamoto University Specially Appointed Professor Neutralizing antibody-mediated treatment strategy towards cure of HIV-1 infection
FY2022 FY2024 KATSUDA Yousuke Kumamoto University Assistant Professor Establishment of a novel strategy for HIV cure using staple nucleic acid

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