Events The AMED Singapore Office held a seminer for researchers in Vietnam

Conference Report

1.Overview of the Seminar

The “AMED International Medical Research Seminar” was held on the 29th of May, 2018 at the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, co-organized by the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and AMED Singapore office, with the aim of introducing AMED programs and activities to researchers in Vietnam. It was a part of project called "Celebration - 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam" initiated by the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam for strengthening the relationship between the two countries. At the seminar, there were over 30 researchers and physicians from Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi University of Public Health, National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Bach Mai Hospital, 108 Military Central Hospital, 103 Military Hospital, National Children’s Hospital, and National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. The contents of the seminar included the introduction of AMED’s international joint projects and schemes that researchers in Vietnam could participate in collaborating with Japanese researchers. In addition, a great experience of international collaborative research together with researchers from Vietnam, Philippines and Japan, was introduced by Professor Kazuo Suzuki, principal investigator of the project, from Asia International Institute of Infectious Disease Control, Teikyo University. Note that Professor Suzuki was awarded the prestigious medal for People’s Health by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health on November 3, 2016 in recognition of his immense contribution to the country’s medical development. There was a network session after the seminar, and it finished in great success. AMED Singapore office will continuously seize these opportunities to engage in assisting to build networks between the researchers in the countries of Asia and Oceanian regions and Japanese researchers.


The seminar was started with opening address by Minister Asazuma from the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, followed by the presentation including AMED’s projects and activities such as; “Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development: SATREPS”,“The e-ASIA Joint Research Program: e-ASIA JRP”, “U.S. - Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program: USJ CMSP (Research on Global Health Issues)”, “Human Frontier Science Program: HFSP”, and “Interstellar Initiative” from Mr. Nakamura, Director of AMED Singapore office.

Professor Kazuo Suzuki then presented his significant achievement titled “A Successful Results in the e-ASIA JRP: Japan-Vietnam-Philippines: Pulmonary Infectious Diseases induced associated with Influenza and TB in Asia Countries”, which are supported by several funds such as from AMED.

Note: The presentation material below was particularly prepared for this seminar at that moment. The information of some of the projects may not appropriate depending on the location of an institution where the researchers belong to. Please read the project guidelines for each project and ask contact point for further questions.

3. Photos of the Seminar

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