Events June 26, 2021 Report of the Event, Moonshot Goal 7 Kick-off Symposium “To Age 100 without Health Concerns”

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September 9, 2021 : We have uploaded a new video "Moonshot Goal 7 Kick-off Symposium" with English subtitles.

 The Moonshot R&D project is a new project to promote challenging research and development(moonshot) based on bold ideas that are not extension of conventional technologies, aiming to create disruptive innovations originating Japan. AMED will promote research and development to achieve the Moonshot goal 7:  ”Realization of sustainable medical and care systems to overcome major diseases by 2040, for enjoying one’s life with relief and release from health concerns until 100 years old”.
 We held the kick-off symposium to introduce the aims and contents of the five R&D projects in Moonshot goal 7 in an easy-to-understand manner on June the 26th of 2021. A lot of people participated in the symposium on the Web and the symposium ended on a high note.

Kick-off Symposium for Moonshot Goal 7

The videos and slides of the symposium

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The videos of the symposium(Opening and closing remarks, guest greeting, lectures and panel discussion)

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*You will watch each video of programs. (Chapter notation)

Introduction of Moonshot goal 7 program(The lecture slide)

●HIRANO Toshio(Moonshot Program Director)The lecture slide

Introduction of each project by the project manager(The lecture slides) 

●ABE Takaaki(Professor, Tohoku University)
  "Mitochondrial Medicine"

●KURITA Masakazu(Research Associate, The University of Tokyo)
  "Development of method for complex tissue regeneration via tissue embryonization"

●NAKANISHI Makoto(Professor, The University of Tokyo)
  "Extending healthy lifespan by elimination of senescent cells"

●MURAKAMI Masaaki(Professor, Hokkaido University) 
  "Curing diseases by quantum technology and neural pathways!"

●YANAGISAWA Masashi(Professor, University of Tsukuba) 
  "Deciphering and Engineering Sleep and Hibernation -- The Future of Medical Care


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