Calls for Proposals Early-stage FY 2022 Adopted Projects under "Research Program on HIV/AIDS"


Status of Grants/Funding Opportunities Awarded projects
R&D phase Basic Study, Applied Study, Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study, Clinical Study, Clinical Trials, Post Marketing, Clinical Research, None
Key Fields Basic Medical Research Project, Infectious disease
Division of Basic Medical Research, Department of Basic Medical Research
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Adoption contents

As a result of scrupulous deliberation conducted by a Project Evaluation Panel, the following projects were selected as the FY2022 adopted projects under the Young Researchers Program of "Research Program on HIV/AIDS."

Young Researchers Program:
Research to gain new findings on HIV/AIDS and develop new methods for diagnosing, treating and preventing it.

Project Title Principal Investigator Affiliation
Establishment of a novel strategy for HIV cure using staple nucleic acid KATSUDA Yousuke Kumamoto University Assistant Professor
Structural biology and drug discovery of disordered regions in Gag precursor protein Pr55Gag KOTANI Osamu National Institute of Infectious Diseases Senior Research Scientist
Dissecting the molecular mechanism of a novel anti-HIV-1 host factor SAITO Akatsuki University of Miyazaki Associate Professor
Study of immunopeptidomics leads to immunotherapy for HIV cure CHIKATA Takayuki Kumamoto University Lecturer
Disentangling effects of intestinal immunity through the human gut microbiome on non-AIDS cancers in HIV-infected patients NAGATA Naoyoshi Tokyo Medical University Associate Professor

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