News Releases & Research Results Identification of a gene mutation strongly associated with the onset of schizophrenia by genome analysis!

News Releases & Research Results


The results of the R&D project conducted by Specially Appointed Associate Professor Daisuke Mori of the Brain and Mind Research Center, former undergraduate student Mariko Sekiguchi, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Akira Sobue of the Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Clinical Lecturer Itaru Kushima of the Medical Genomics Center, University Hospital/Department of Psychiatry, former graduate student Wang Chenyao of the Department of Psychiatry, Graduate School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Lecturer Yuko Arioka of the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, University Hospital/Department of Psychiatry, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor Kiyofumi Yamada of the Department of Neuropsychopharmacology and Hospital Pharmacy, and Professor Norio Ozaki Department of Psychiatry/Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Nagoya University.

The key results of R&D are as follows:

  • An ARHGAP10 gene variant was demonstrated to be strongly associated with the onset of schizophrenia through the generation of a mouse model based on the results of genome analysis and the analysis of neurons created from iPS cells established from patients with a genomic variant (mutation).
  • The results of this R&D project should facilitate the elucidation of pathology, drug discovery, and the development of new treatments for schizophrenia.

This program was conducted with the support of the Strategic Research Program for Brain Sciences by AMED.

The results of this R&D project were published in the British scientific journal Translational Psychiatry on July 22.


Mori D., et al. ARHGAP10, which encodes Rho GTPase-activating protein 10, is a novel gene for schizophrenia risk Translational Psychiatry


Last updated 07/22/20