Events Sept. 05-06, 2019 " Asian- African Research Forum on Emerging and Reemerging iInfections 2019" held in Hokkaido

Conference Report

AMED held the Asian-African Research Forum on Emerging and Reemerging Infections 2019 at the Hokkaido University in the Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building’s lecture hall. The following is a report from the meeting presenting the study results from the Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases (J-GRID).

Since 2004 J-GRID has established research and development bases in tropical regions (9 locations in Asia and Africa) where infections such as influenza, dengue fever, tuberculosis, diarrhea, and severe childhood pneumonia are prevalent. At each base a permanently positioned Japanese researcher is engaged in extensive collaborative research with local researchers. With them we strive to understand how epidemics can be suppressed via analysis of epidemic factors through large-scale epidemiological surveys, and promotion of basic research that will serve as the basis for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic drugs based on patient specimens and clinical information obtained in endemic areas. We also promote human resource development for researchers and doctors in Japan and partner countries through opportunities to directly contact patients in endemic areas.
(J-GRID Program webpage)

In this research forum, over 200 researchers from Asia and Africa gathered together (about 1/3 from overseas) to announce the latest research results over two days (40 oral presentations and 97 poster presentations) and actively exchange opinions. Many excellent results were reported, including the discovery of norovirus and Vibrio cholerae health carriers, the development of rapid diagnostic kits for dengue fever, and the development of new multidrug-resistant tuberculosis therapeutic candidates.

Through the forum participants could gain new suggestions for infectious disease research, network, and explore further research opportunities.

Group photo of the research forum participants
(September 5, 2019, Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building’s lecture hall, Hokkaido University)


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