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Event plan of 2019

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Main event of 2019

Event Date Event Name Event Information Conference Report
09/20/19 Japan-UK continued partnership in medical research celebrated at the Embassy of Japan Go to the report page
09/05/19~09/06/19 " Asian- African Research Forum on Emerging and Reemerging iInfections 2019" held in Hokkaido Go to the report page
08/16/19~08/25/19 AMED Singapore Office participated in the "Thailand National Science and Technology Fair 2019" exhibition in Bangkok Go to the report page
07/09/19 Ceremony Held to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of HFSP Go to the report page
05/23/19~05/24/19 South Africa Japan University (SAJU) Forum Go to the report page
03/04/19~03/05/19 Asia Pacific Scientific Workshop 2019 Go to the report page
02/26/19~03/01/19 U.S.-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program (USJCMSP) 21th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Pacific Rim Go to the information page
02/09/19~02/11/19 Japan-UK Neuroscience Symposium 2019 Go to the report page
01/21/19~01/22/19 Japan-UK Workshop on Infectious Disease Research held in Tokyo Go to the report page