Calls for Proposals Early-stage FY 2022 Interstellar Initiative

【Important】 Instructions for Submitting an Application Using e-Rad
24th May, 2022

Please take the following measures if you have not been able to complete the e-Rad application by noon of Wednesday, May 25 (the deadline of “the FY2022 Interstellar Initiative” program).
1) Please finish your application to the Interstellar Initiative application portal and send an email stating that you wish to apply for the program to "interstellar AT* (*Replace AT with @.) by 2 p.m. May 25.
(2) The program secretariat will inform you how to proceed with the registeration on the e-Rad after the deadline.

18th May, 2022
The e-Rad system malfunction (operation delays) has been reported.
Please read the following instructions if you plan to submit an application.
Researchers and project members to be registered are kindly requested to update their researcher information in e-Rad as follows.

1. Log in to e-Rad.
2. Click your name in the upper right corner of the top page, and then click “confirm and amend researcher details” (研究者情報の確認・修正).
3. Select “Main research institutions” (所属研究機関).
4. Find “Status of research expenses outside e-Rad and status of notification to job titles and affiliated institutions” (e-Rad外の研究費の状況および役職と所属機関への届け状況) at the bottom and check “Reported” (誓約状況【報告している】).
5. Click the "Register" (この内容で登録) button , and the [Complete registration of researcher details] (e-Rad研究者情報の更新完了) screen is displayed.
After the principal/main researcher has completed entering the required information,  they are asked to check the "Research Integrity Pledge" (研究インテグリティに関する誓約) button.

The application should be completed by checking the pledge button; however, it has been reported that the e-Rad system response time is long at this point and the application cannot be completed due to a session timeout error.
The e-Rad system help desk is currently working on this issue.
Please allow enough time for obtaining the approval of your organization and completing your application.

If this system malfunction is not resolved by May 24 (the day before the deadline), we will post the information on special measures to be taken.

Change log

※Updated on May 2, 2022: The workshops information has been updated.
※Updated on March 16, 2022: FAQ has been attached in Reference.



Status of Grants/Funding Opportunities Grants/Funding Opportunities
R&D phase Basic Study
Key Fields Innovation and Clinical Research Center Project
Submission Deadline 05/25/22 Wed 12:59 JST
Office of International Collaboration, Division of International Strategy, Department of International Strategy, AMED
E-mail: interstellar“AT” (Replace “AT” with “@”)

Public offering content

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the 2022-2023 Interstellar Initiative. The purpose of the call is to recruit Early Carrier Investigators to attend the FY2022 Interstellar Initiative.

The 2022-2023 Interstellar Initiative will address challenges in the area of Basic Research to elucidate the complex mechanisms of living organisms for the benefit of all humankind. Research topics may include biological functions at all levels of analysis: for example, studies on genes and individual molecules, intracellular networks, intercellular associations in tissues and organs, and networks underlying the complex functions of entire organisms.

Applications are invited from Early Career Investigators (ECIs) who have backgrounds in four broad categories: 1) Biomedical Science; 2) Life Sciences; 3) Physical/Participation in this two-parNatural Sciences and 4) Biotechnology/Analytical technology.

The Interstellar Initiative connects ECIs with peers, in related but distinct disciplines, under the guidance of Mentors who are established scientists at the forefront of their respective academic fields. This is a remarkable opportunity for investigators to: (i) receive expert guidance from leading senior scientists on the preparation of a compelling research proposal; (ii) network with exceptional researchers from around the world; and (iii) build international research collaborations.

Applications will be accepted from ECIs in the 4 broad disciplines above. ECIs accepted into the Interstellar Initiative will participate in a three-day virtual workshop from September 12–14, 2022, where they will be grouped into teams and asked to develop a research proposal, with guidance from mentors. All teams will include one member from Japan. All teams will receive a modest funding award from AMED through the Japanese team member’s institution to further enhance their proposals, leading up to a second two-day virtual workshop, on February 23–24, 2023. Proposals will be refined at this second workshop and prepared for submission to international funding agencies. 

The deadline for application submission is May 25, 2022, 12:59 JST.

Program summary

 The Interstellar Initiative ― presented jointly by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development and the New York Academy of Sciences ― recognizes the world’s most promising Early Career Investigators and connects them with peers, in related but distinct disciplines, providing a platform for them to develop a solution to a major research question. The aim is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and thereby catalyze discovery.

For details, refer link below.


Applications are invited from Early Career Investigators who have backgrounds in four broad categories:

  1. Biomedical Research
  2. Life Sciences
  3. Physical/Natural Sciences
  4. Biotechnology/Analytical technology

Early Career Investigator applicants must:

  • Hold a doctoral degree or equivalent (PhD, DPhil, MD, DDS, DVM, etc.)
  • Have obtained their last doctoral degree within the past 10 years (January 2012 or later)
  • Have been engaged in active research for 10 years or less since obtaining their doctoral degree or equivalent
  • Hold an independent, tenure-track or equivalent faculty position at a university, private research institution, academic medical center, or national government laboratory

Note: Exceptions to these requirements may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the organizers. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact interstellar”AT” .※Replace "AT" with @.

Solicitation Period

03/10/22 Thu - 05/25/22 Wed 12:59 JST

How to Apply

Early Career Investigators must prepare a proposal that addresses the following:
Identify a critical research question in basic research, highlighting its importance and impact, and propose a research plan for how your expertise can address this question, including how you hope to improve this proposal through participation in the Interstellar Initiative.

Proposals may not exceed 1000 words in length, must be in English, and must address the evaluation criteria outlined below. A supplementary figure may be included but is not required.

Those who belong to institutes located in Japan should apply both through e-Rad and following link. Note that applications must be submitted through both portals, applications submitted only through one portal will not be accepted.

Follow guideline attached to submit application to e-Rad portal.


Application Guidelines


Last updated 05/24/22