Division of Drug Research Advanced Research & Development Programs for Medical Innovation (LEAP)


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R&D phase Basic Study,Applied Study,Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study,Clinical Trials,Post Marketing,Clinical Research,None
Division of Drug Research, Department of Innovative Drug Discovery and Development (iD3)
TEL: +81-3-6870-2219

This program supports medical innovations from the seed stage, originating in academia with emerging basic research, in order to advance consistent R&D from the basic stage to its practical application.

Among the programs in the Leading Advanced Projects for Medical Innovation (LEAP), part of Advanced Research & Development Programs for Medical Innovation, aims at the development of prompt and practical applications by program manager(s) for medical innovations that offer promising prospects but have investment risks.


Management and Evaluation Framework

PS (Program Supervisor)
  • Yuzuru Matsuda, Ph.D., President, Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation
PO (Program Officer)
  • Koji Kawakami, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacoepidemiology, Graduate School of Medicine and Public Health, Kyoto University

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