Division of Innovative Research and Development Incubation-Type(LEAP)



LEAP (incubation-type, Leading Advanced Projects for medical innovation) is one of the programs promoted by the Advanced Research and Development Programs for Medical Innovation. The program aims to accelerate development of exceptional R&D results generated through unit-type (AMED-CREST) and solo-type (PRIME) projects implemented under the Advanced Research and Development Programs for Medical Innovation, passing on this follow of R&D to companies and venture businesses. In concrete terms, the technical feasibility of worldleading exceptional R&D results are proven and presented, and rights to these R&D results are appropriately acquired, through the innovationorientated R&D management of the Program Manager (PM). Through this, it is anticipated that the flow of R&D based on top scientific results will be turned towards medical applications and be passed on to companies, clinicians, and other programs, leading to the future development of innovative drugs, medical devices, and medical technologies, thereby giving birth to a tide of R&D that expands towards social change.

R&D Organization

The Program Manager (PM) works in cooperation with the R&D Principal Investigator (PI) to manage the overall R&D team, including other research collaborators, promoting R&D aimed at proving and presenting technical feasibility.

  • R&D is implemented by the R&D PI.
  • One PM is assigned to each R&D project. The R&D PI presents a PM candidate proposal at the time of R&D proposal submission.
  • The R&D PI has responsibility for the R&D project overall, and promotes R&D necessary for proving and presenting technical feasibility as indicated by the PM. The PM works in cooperation with the R&D PI in carrying out management of the R&D projects for which they are responsible.
  • The PM and R&D PI organize an appropriate R&D system that is necessary and sufficient for proving and presenting technical feasibility.
  • Based on evaluations and advice provided by the Project Evaluation Committee, the PM proactively builds networks through dialogue with experts, mutual cooperation among participating researchers, and collaboration with individuals and institutions both in Japan and overseas while simultaneously utilizing these networks to promote R&D results with a view to developing them for medical application.

Program Supervisor(PS)

Director, The Chem-Bio Informatics Society, CBI Research Institute,Quantum-Structural life Science Laboratories

Program Officer(PO)

UCHIDA Takahiro
Founder and CEO, Sanamedi, Inc.
OGAWA Atsushi
General Manager of Japan, ICON plc


Last updated 05/17/24